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Configuration Steps for BW application to BWA setup

This document speak about the Configuration Steps for connecting a Newly built BW application server to the BWA.

We already have document that speaks on the BWA configuration and Troubleshooting released by SAP and that is very good – but here in this document, we would be emphasizing on the network connectivity, IP address requirements and some technical information that generally does not make in a generic document.

1> Overview of SAP BW and BWA :

Just to give a glimpse on the basics, SAP BW is used to deliver reporting, analysis and interpretation of business data. SAP BW (data-warehousing system) is an OLAP system where in data from multiple data-source systems are extracted, transformed and then further loaded (aka ETL process). Decision makers can make well-founded decisions and identify target-oriented activities on the basis of the analyzed data. SAP BWA is an appliance which compliments the services offered by SAP BW by the help of SAP’s special TREX engine to further enhance the SAP BW and BO performance. By saing appliance – it means that it is a pre-configured hardware delivered by certified SAP hardware partners like HP, Fujitsu and so on.

2> Configuration steps for BW Application Server connection to BWA /BIA:

Put the BW app server in the BWA network.

Please note here we are talking about the network that is between BW and BWA servers to communicate internally and it is not available for normal application end users to use. It is recommended that we use the same subnet IP that matches BWA subnet.

For ex. if your BWA appliance has an IP adress of 172.17.185.XXX then we should ensure that while requesting we provide these details to our network team who may generate NEW IP for the existing BW server in this similar range ( same subnet).

Once network team provides us an IP address, this new IP needs to be configured on the BW App Server Ethernet by the help of Server/OS Team.

There should be entry of the new IP address (ex: 172.17.185.XXX) on the server under “/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts”. To verify if the BW server is configured with this new IP address you can take help of “ifconfig” command on the server and see if that returns with this 172.17.185.XXX.

Next, the Server/ OS team needs to add this IP address to the OS kernel’s IP routing table.To verify that – you may use the “route” command.You should be able to see the entries under Destination / Gateway and its respective Iface #

3> Create the BIA server entries in the BW server:

The Server/OS team needs to add BWA server IP address  in /etc/hosts file on BW app server (these data you can get from BIA Team).

4> Add the new server into the BIA configuration:

The BWA server team needs to add the BW app server’s NEW IP in /etc/hosts file of BWA host.

Once all these steps are done, then we can carry out a complete test from both BIA and BW server.

From BIA front, the BIA admin tool ( should show all the Source to destination connections in GREEN (Assuming that the BW to BWA RFC connection and other things are in place)

#Incase if the BIA still reports issues with the connectivity to BW application, then post making all the above changes, it is suggested to restart the BIA services on all the nodes.

And from BW Application side, you can use RSDDBIAMON2 T-Code and verify that all the BIA services are up and available.

One more important thing is the RFC destination that needs to be configured at the SAP BW Application.

As requested in the standard guide create a RFC destination SM59, it can be later on maintained under RSCUSTA T-code.

Activity /  Steps Resp. Team
Put the BW app server in the BWA network Network Team
Server/ OS Team
Create the BIA entries in the BW server Server/ OS Team
Add the new server into the BIA configuration BWA Vendor/ BWA Server Team
Troubleshooting if required SAP Basis / BWA Support Team

Do share your feedback and comments.

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