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Fiori My Inbox – Step 5. Adding action buttons

Please find series of documents in the SAP Fiori – My Inbox.

In the previous step4 with “Open Task” is OK in desktop but it does not fit in mobile devices.

In this step 5, we are going to add action buttons in the My Inbox app.

Define decision options in the backend:

You are going to define action buttons. You have captured the outcomes of the task in the step 1.


Go to the IMG in the backend.


Specify the workflow template ID and the Step No.


Define the action buttons. POSITIVE button icomes in green and NEGATIVE button comes in red.

If you set comment flag is on, approves can enter some comments.


Test the My Inbox.

You see the Approve and Reject buttons.


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  • Hi Masayuki,

    I've activated Fiori inbox and added Approve/Reject for one of my apps. This updates the workflow correctly after I implemented the BADI. However, I don't want the "Submit Decision"/Comments dialog box appearing after clicking approve. I unticked the "comments" in the above customizing but the popup box still displays. Any other setting I need to deactivate to remove this popup box ?

  • Hi,

    I have added Approve and reject buttons. Now after clicking Approve, I got below error.

    RFC call was not successful because of system failure 'Exception condition "ORG_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND" triggered'.

    What else should be missing?

    I can approve workflow directly in SAP and in Portal UWL without any issue.


  • Its not clear from the standard documentation, however the "Comments" checkbox in customizing only affects whether it's mandatory or not. To totally remove the popup, it appears necessary to enhance the S3 controller in WEB IDE.

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      SAP Technology RIG

  • Hi @Masayuki Sekihara  Thanks for the excellent blog.

    It Looks like this Approach will not work for WebDynpro or BSP Application Launch linked to the Task.

    I did the same configuration for a Task, which is supposed to open a BSP Application, never showed Approve and Reject Buttons.

    Interstingly even the Task filter is not working, as I defined set of Task and Activate the Task Filter, Inbox showing all the notifications, not restricting the Task defined under here




  • Hi Masayuki Sekihara  

    when you click approve/reject, did it work?

    in my case it didn’t work, I debug, the error msg says the workitem is not a “user decision”

    the task in my case is an activity step(like yours), not  user decision step.

    the system is nw7.4, BoH.



  • It didnot worked for me after implementing badi, SAP_WAPI_WORKITEM_COMPLETE executed successfully but at the end it gives error you have no access to item. because SAP_WAPI_CHECK_INBOX return 1 and error message you are not a receiver of workitem.


    Please help