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Enabling BW Plug-In for SAP HANA Studio

HANA Studio is the frontend elicpse client for modelling in SAP HANA appliance. By deflaut the BW modeling is not part of the other perspective in the
standard HANA Studio installation. Please follow the below screen steps to configure BW Model plug-Ins for HANA Studio:
Step 1: Open HANA Studio:
Start Menu–>Open HANA Studio to check if the BW modeling is available by following the path below.
Window—>Open Perspective—>Other(Notice: No BW Modeling & ABAP plugsare available)

Step 2: Installing the Plug-In
Nagivate to Help—>Install New Software. (Note: The ID of the user must have right privilege to install new software in the HANA Studio).
Step 3: Install New Software
The available software window panel as shown in Figure H.002 appears, here check the appropriate software plug-Ins you need. For this document purposes the following plug-Ins are required to install the BW Modeling from Eclipse Luna package:
x EMF Edit Data Binding        x Mylyn Commons   x Web Services Tools   x Mylyn Task-Focused Interface    x EMF Model Query   
Seach and select all the above components.
Step 4: Install Plug-In Zip files
The final step is to install the ZIP plug-In files in the correct sequence as show in figure H.005.
Further Installation Steps for BW Modeling
Step 1. Installing the Supplementary file for the BW Modeling Plug-In. 
From the pop window “Add repository” select archive and navigate to the location of the SAPBASISAIE00_4-70000003 and SAPBWMTE00_2-70000330 files. Note: Ensure that SAPBASISAIE00_4-70000003 file is installed first.  Select all the Software components for the SAPBASISAIE00 file and click Next.
Agree to the Software License and click Next to continue with the installation.
Fig H.001.jpg
Once the installation is completed repeat the same steps for the SAPBWMTE00_2-70000330 file.
Select All the Software component for the BW modeling plug-in. Click Next to continue with the installation.
Agree to the Software License in the next screen and click Next to continue with the installation.

Once the installation is completed close SAP HANA Studio and re-lunch it. Nagivate to

Start Menu–>Open HANA Studio to check if the BW modeling is available by following the path below.
Window—>Open Perspective—>Other(Notice: BW Modeling & ABAP plugs are available now)Fig_F.JPG
Thank you. Please contact me if you face any challenges. Rate the documents if it helps.


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  • Hi Benjamin,

    I was able to follow till step 3. But I could not find the zip files as mentioned in the step 4.

    Can you please help.



    • Hi Atul,

      Please read the further installation steps, that is the prequisities step to install the BW plug-in's, then while installing the HANA side you need to indicate the path to the location where you have placed your BW plug-in's.

  •  Hi Benjamin,


    we see that SAPBASISAIE00_4-70000003 and SAPBWMTE00_2-70000330 files are archived in software downloads, do we have any alternative solution for this.




    • Hi Mani VS,

      I believe for archived software's you can contact SAP with a valid S-User and they will provide you a link to download or a zip folder that can be share with your account manager.

      I will check my backup directory if I still have the software then I'll share.

  • From Where the mentioned zip files can get, whether they are available to download or this is available with installation pack, also if there is any other solution kindly let us know



    • Hi Muhammad,

      Thank you for your question, the Zip is a pre-package content that is download separately to an directory of your choice on your local machine or server. Once there you indicate the path to this directory when setting up the plug-in.


      Thank you.