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Author's profile photo Yang Bai

How to enable SAP support to understand your question/situation better

Sometimes it is difficult to describe a question in very concise statements, because the situation is too complex.
You may try to deliver the information as much as possible, including the background, the impact to the business, user’s expectation, your analysis and guess, the strange behavior you seen, maybe also the normal behavior as comparison. But the frustrating thing is that those information seems not well delivered, you have to clarify more points to avoid misunderstanding.

So how you can describe the question better to enable SAP support to understand it exactly?

The most simple thing you can do is to split your description into several sections. Each section is for different topics such as business impact, our finding, our expectation etc. This way the SAP support can find necessary information directly. As a result,  misunderstanding and a waste of time will be effectively reduced.

Also, I would suggest you to use system terms as much as possible. For example, use ‘Goods Issue’ instead of ‘hand over the goods’, use ”text material” instead of ‘material without master data’.

Another hint might be helpful is to provide ‘WHAT-WHICH-HOW’: What function/transaction/data you are using, Which field/value is not as expected, How you did the steps. If these three parts are clear, it will be a great help for understanding the symptom.

If it is not easy to write these information for you, you may want to attach a file about the step-by-step screenshot. This can also provide details clearly and enable the SAP support to get a clear picture of your question.

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      Author's profile photo Jürgen L
      Jürgen L

      There should not even be a difference when asking questions in SCN.

      I would recommend to make yourself familiar with the issue before passing it to someone else.

      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      I agree with Jurgen - the same would apply to posting questions on SCN.

      However, the problem is that despite our best efforts some AGS folks are still very eager to "throw" the message back without even reading (exhibit A). There was also a discussion in the Coffee Corner about the 'steps to recreate' section that is quite prominent when entering the incidents apparently is not that visible to SAP Support. Methinks SAP might want to fix some things on their side as well.

      P.S. Should this be rather posted in the Support space? This doesn't seem specific to MM...

      Author's profile photo Yang Bai
      Yang Bai
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Jelena,

      I read your post and  I agree with you that there is also something need to be fixed in SAP end. But I believe that was just a few cases, most of the support colleagues are careful and professional enough when processing customer incidents.

      My suggestion to support colleagues would be that we can create some checking steps when firstly looking into an incident. Also we can summarize the situation once in the middle of a very complex process of analysis.

      P.S. I'm trying to move this blog to a better space, may I know where is the support

             space in your reply? Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,