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Having used Lumira and Visual Intelligence since it’s conception I have seen lots of great new functionality packed into it.  However, because there are so many new releases and so many new features it is so easy to miss some hidden gems.  I’m sure that the features have been documented, but sometimes I don’t have the time to read through the manuals.

One of these hidden gems of a feature is the ability to export a small filtered portion of data into Excel.  As we know Lumira has the functionality to export data through the Share tab, however sometimes I just want to take a small filtered extract of analysis (just a few rows of data) and use this elsewhere.

To do this create a table in the Visualise tab and add in your dimensions, measures and filters that you want to export.

Now, if you click on the cog icon at the bottom of the visualisation (see screenshot below and the red circled area) you get the option to “Send by Mail”.


When you have charts, this functionality generates a png picture file and pops it into an email, however when this is a table an Excel file is generated and put into an email.

screenshot email.JPG

Hey presto – when you open the Excel file you get the filtered data and just the record set from that that table.

screenshot excel.JPG

I had assumed that the “Send by Mail” option only generated a picture file for all visuals, tables included.

Hope that this hidden gem helps you with your analysis.


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    1. Former Member

      Hi Vinay,


      Same here, but if I have a line chart for instance I’m able to select the option. For a Crosstab I have the option to Export as File and select CSV or XLSX.




      With kind regards,



      1. Former Member

        Thanks M. But Exporting as file doesn’t write the summary. It shows all the underlying data. Unfortunately I am working with 30Mn dataset.

        1. Former Member Post author

          Hi Vinay


          I’ve just tried this and you can export as a CSV or Excel file the table contents.


          The Hidden Gem should now be just a Gem





          1. Former Member



            Hi Dean,


            I’m having the same problem as Vinay. When attempting to export a cross tab visualization, the “send by mail” option is grayed out. Any thoughts?






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