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Fiori My Inbox – Step 3. Checking system configuration

Please find series of documents in the SAP Fiori – My Inbox.

Before testing the My Inbox app, make sure the system has been configured correctly.

Add-on packages:

  • UIX01CA1 the latest Support Package has been installed in the ABAP frontend server
  • IW_PGW the latest Support Package has been installed in the ABAP frontend server
  • SAP_GWFND on NW740 or IW_BEP the latest Support Package has been installed in the backend server
  • App Implementation: My Inbox – SAP Fiori Apps – SAP Library

SAP notes:

Make sure the mandatory notes have been installed.

  • 2106212 – Release Information Note for Fiori My Inbox

Trusted RFC:

Check the trusted RFC setup.

System Alias:

Check the system aliases have been defined correctly.

OData service activation:

TASKPROCESSING version 2 has been activated.

Note: Approve Requests app uses version 1 and My Inbox uses version 2.



Make sure the correct system alias has been assigned.


UI activation:

The ca_fiori_inbox service has been activated.

Transaction: SICF


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  • IW_BEP is not available in Ecc 6.00 NW 7.4 SP1. This component is compriced in SAP_GWFND.

    could you please provide which version is used to prepare this document?


    Sonu Kumar & Shanmuga

  • Dear Masayuki Sekihara I should implement the app my inbox on my system Abap frontend server 7.40. On his blog he say add on component UIX01CA1 the last SP04 has been installed in the abap fronted server and add-on IW_PGW the last SP06 has been installed in the abap frontend server. The link app implementantion: My inbox - SAP Apps flower sap library under frontend component UIX01CA1 while the add on IW_PGW 100 is installed on the back-end system and no frontend server What is the correct guide? Thank you Sandro Dama

  • Hello Masayuki,

    Thanks for your Manual.

    I have a problem, I have followed all instructions, but in my launchpad, I see an error! that has no enough information.

    It just say: Could not open app. Please try again later.

    Can you help me about this?


  • Hi Masayuki Sekihara

    I've doubt about the IW_PGW add-on, I was readed that I need install IW_PGW and UIX01CA1 on Frontend Server, and SAP_GWFND on Backend System. Its okay and both were installed.

    I need some add-on on Backend, to configure My Inbox, 2.0 ?

    Here the frontend server is 7.5 SP09, and our backend SAP ERP Ehp8 (NW 7.50).

    King Regards

    Adriano Prehs


  • Great job you are doing Sekihara. I learned a lot with you.

    I am now on a client with an older installation (7.40).

    I need to configure My Inbox 1.0 for testing purpose.

    I need to install UIX01CA1 100. But I cannot find this add-on in Installation Manager because it is out of maintenance(SapNote 2106212 ). I can find just just his SPs.

    Is there a way where I can find ths component to download?

    João Mariano