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Excel IBIP Tool – Easy upload PM master data


SAP offers the use of IBIP supported PM objects from within LSMW to support data transfer or ABAP development to create the IBIP required formats for data migration projects or massive data update
This abstract demonstrate excel based tool which utilize IBIP Functionality from office excel comfortable user interface and support massive data include pre load test and step by step functionalities.

Option 1 – Flat files – IBIP Tool flat generates from excel flat files(*.txt) that matches to the IBIP structures and hierarchy ready to upload using IBIP transaction

Option 2 – RFC (needs RFC Authorization)   Connect to SAP IBIP from directly from Excel with any manual action required in the SAP system , SAP GUI installation is not required  with the following additional functionally:

– Test Run before upload ( Required SAP GUI installed in the Client )
– Debug Test (Step by Step option)

Option 3 (New) – IBIP tool recorder and runner  supports recording any
transaction and upload the data to SAP includes : test run before upload ,
Debug ,Template management and more.

Examples for pre made templates can be provided by request to my profile mail.

Pre requirement

  • Microsoft excel 2007 – 2019
  • Macro enabled
  • SAP GUI installed ( for step by step and recording functionalities)
  • Download



Test Run–  Identify error before upload improve the data quality in the system , this option is available at option 2 and option 3  .

Save time – Auto template builder support easy multi structures data entry, using the IBIP Tool there is it is easy to create link between structures ( Using IDENT1 , IDENT2  etc..) ,

Schedule runs at night Jobs – by splitting the flat file to several flat files we can use the IBIP program to upload the data in a schedule job

All in One – Record and Run  and transaction from the Excel IBIP Tool to support transaction which are not supported by IBIP like : IP02 , IA06  etc

Out of the Box solution – No need in ABAP developments , based on the IBIP long proven transaction


Flat Files upload  to IBIP transaction

 step 1 –  Create Excel Template   /wp-content/uploads/2015/03/ice_screenshot_20160116_145312_869152.png

  -Select IE01 – Create equipment in the transaction combo box
 Select the IBIPEQUI  structure  in the data structure listbox




  Double click to slect the  IBIPSTAT  structure which holds the user status data

Step 2  –  Fill the template with the required data    

Step 3 – Generate Flat file from the Excel custom button


Step 3 – Upload the Flat file  from step 3 to IBIP Transaction

 Select  the created file from the flat file selected folder and press   in the IBIP transaction


Step 4 – Check the Log –  the log for the IBIP processing is available at transaction IBIPA


Ziv Marcovich


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  • Great document. Do we have similar for QM as well?

    Can we use the template and assign this file to LSMW? instead of recording?

  • is this can be used for (Mass Update) update the Work order for example user status. I know that I can do it by IW38 (mass option), but I do not have authorization for that.

    Can this work for recording other than IBIP functions.

  • Hi,

    Thank you! Excellent blog post!

    Small issue, we have tried both links to download XLS tool, but in both cases we've gotten HTTP 403 response.

    Could you please check and share whether it is still possible to get XLS downloaded?

    Kind Regards,


    • Thanks Siarhel and Belinda ,The link issue was resolved.

      You can now downalod the file from the blog link.

      Enjoy it.



  • Dear Ziv

    Thanks Alot for Sharing such a very very very useful Document but if there an available tool like this sheet for creating and changing a Master Recipe T-code ( C201 - C202)


    Hussam Ghanem

    • Dear Hussam,

      Thanks , These T-code ( C201 - C202) are not supported by IBIP nor other SAP batch input programs so this Excel solution is not applicaple ,looks like BDC / recording LSMW is the solution here



      • Dear ZiV

        Nice Document and very helpful but is there any way that i can  use tool for uploading master  data  in another module

        like production planning for

        - Material master

        - Bill of Material

        - Routing

        - Work Center


        Hussam Ghanem

  • Hi Ziv,

    This looks like a great tool that you have created. It would be a great help to manage most of SAP PM data load requirements. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

    You have also done a great job in explaining the tool in this article.


    Unfortunately, the links to the tool download does not work anymore. Could you please have a look at this?

    [Sorry, I did not notice the new dropbox link in the article. Thanks again]

    Thanks a lot.

    Best Regards,


  • Hi Ziv,

    At my firm we Purchased Ziv's IBIP tool and it works like a charm. The support has been very helpfull and it has saved me for alot of working hours.

    - Works great



  • Dear ZiV

    Nice Document and very helpful but is there any way that i can  use tool for uploading master  data  in another module

    like production planning for

    - Material master

    - Bill of Material

    - Routing

    - Work Center


    Hussam Ghanem 

    • Dear Hussam ,

      Thanks for the compliment.

      I have Excel flat file solution for these objects you have mentioned , which is not related to the IBIP transaction ,you can contact me at my profile for additional information.



  • Hello, Ziv!

    Great documentation on the most valuable tool for mass loading PM data! Could you please upload the excel spreadsheet again? Or anyone who has a copy share it through google drive, or any server?

    If someone could send it to my email, I would share it on google drive with the world! 😀

    vbrito at gmail

    Thank you very much!

  • Dear Ziv,

    I have had a great experience using the IBIT Tool for PM data uploads.

    I have used other good Excel/Access data toolkits in the past, with very strict licensing conditions. What I like about the IBIP Tool is its accessibility and ease of use. With basic technical knowledge of both SAP PM data structures and Excel, one is able to navigate through and use the IBIP Tool with ease.

    The support I constantly received from you was wonderful and very useful. It also made such a difference.


    Thank you for all,


    Alain MT Kitsa

    • Hi JP ,

      The IBIPTool is again available for download ,the new version included the folowing new functions :
      – RFC direct connection using the CCo Connector 
      – Test Run for RFC option
      – Debug (Step by Step option) for RFC option
      – Auto template builder for multi structure
      - Display IBIPTool created object is SAP GUI in one click





  • Hi Zak


    I just download the new version. But when I  try to activate it, although it says it is activated, it keep asking for the licence key. I cannot go further.


    Any idea ?