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Web Dynpro: Creating a blog application/ Common Chat group in ABAP

When we see all the groups like SDN/Facebook/Some common chat groups then probably it might come in your mind “Can we do it in our organization for knowledge sharing purpose ? “. May be this is very common question in your mind or may be very few people understands the importance or whatever, but in an organization/project where some complex developments/scenarios occur repeatedly it may be helpful to store the previous research in small and organization specific groups.

Here I am sharing one application which consists of user profile (containing his/her skill level) and a group where user can post it’s concern. The post will be sent to all in the group with relevant skill. The Comment thread can also be used in future by others or the user itself. Let me know if you find it helpful and willing to implement. I will share the code on request.

First creating Skill Set


Once user selects the relevant experience he can save it with save button as shown above. So after updating the skill level user can have a view of skill set something like:


Now lets come to the Common chat group application

Contents: A group or a common page must have below elements :

1) User identification : e.g. Profile picture with edit/change option.

2) Search Field:  Which can return results from history

3) Search result List: Based on the search from 2.

4) Option to post new question with category: User can also attach some document.

5) Additional options: To find the comment threads where the user itself is involved or creating own repository. for now I am using it for comment thread only.

Considering all above basic requirements I designed a page like below:

The numbers have been written in red maps to the elements mentioned above.

Common Group pic1.jpg

Using different Options:

1) Change Picture: User can simply click on edit/upload photo and browse a pic from it’s system and upload.

Once saved this will save the profile pic and will be displayed in comment threads and profile. e.g.

Common Group pic2.jpg

2) Search Field: This is supposed to retrieve a history of previous discussions e.g. here user enters a text ‘HOW’ and it returns the text containing ‘HOW’.

So when user clicks on one of the links say, the third one”How to use Shared Memory of class”

Common Group search.jpg

Common Group comment thread.jpg

User can add new comments and attachments by the option available above “Previous Posts”.

Option to post new question with category:

Here user can select category of the concern, a suitable title and a detail text like below.

Common Group post new.jpg

after submitting it will generate an email to the concerned recipients.


Common Group mail.jpg

The link provided in the email will open a new window with the comment thread.

Common Group mail link.jpg

Additional options:

This option will provide the list of comment thread where user has posted some comment, triggered new thread, or can look at others comment. Once the list is displayed user can click on the link to get the detail.

Common Group Additional option.jpg

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