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  1. Rishi Khandelwal

    Great Tutorial!! Helped a lot.. 🙂

    Just wondering how can we use association and navigation so that generated xml metadata will be consumed in a master-master detail ???

  2. Former Member


    Thank you for sharing the step-step process.

    While trying myself, I’m getting error at CALL HCP.HCP_GRANT_ROLE.

    And also after creating the services.xsodata, I couldn’t see the “Run” button.

    Is this something to do with authorizations??

  3. Michel De Kimpe


      If I save the file ‘.xsaccess’ I always get the error

    Unknown privilege “”.”

      Any idea’s on how to solve this ?

    1. Former Member

      Hi Michel,

      Not sure if you resolved your error, I was getting the same error Unknown privilege “”.” because I had initially misnamed my .xsprivileges file.

      Renaming the file correctly resolved the issue for me.

  4. Former Member

    Hello Michel,

    When I am executing ODATA services, I get following error

    Request Execution Failed due to Missing privileges“?

    How to avoid it, I followed same steps listed above.

    BR, Rakesh

  5. Former Member

    Hi ,

    every thing is working fine but i am not able to get the data in json format ,only this is coming

    { “d”: { “EntitySets”: [“Employees”] } }

    i want to fetch all the data stored in table and also i created two tables .please help me to get both tables data .




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