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Evaluation of change logs

Program RSTBHIST which has been provided by SAP which can be used to track the changes made to a table or customizing object by an user.

Log data changes

The logging flag defines whether changes to the data records of a table should be logged. If logging is activated for the specific table, every change (with UPDATE, DELETE) to an existing data record by a user or an application program is recorded in a log table in the database.

Note: Activating logging slows down accesses that change the table. First of all, a record must be written in the log table for each change. Secondly, many users access this log table in parallel. This could cause lock situations even though the users are working with different application tables.

Logging flag activation can be decided by a technical consultant while designing a table i.e all standard table technical setting are made by SAP.


Logging only takes place if parameter rec/client in the system profile is set correctly. Setting the flag on its own does not cause the table changes to be logged.

The existing logs can be displayed with Transaction Table history (SCU3) as well.

Let we will see how to use.

Go to SE38 – RSTBHIST or Transaction code SCU3.

Evaluation of change logs.JPG

By passing the Input parameters on selection screen like above we can log the changes made to specific table or particular customizing Object with User name,Date,Time,etc.

Here in my case i would like to know the changes made to table T52C5 with specific period,T52C5 table being used to store the Personnel calculation rules i.e it gives all PCR’s with details, When and Who has created, changed, Deleted for a particular period, Which has been entered on the selection screen.

Evaluation of change logs output.JPG

Where we can see the details Date,User name,Time, Rule name,and the content what we have created,changed and deleted similarly we can find out for other tables as well.



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  • Hi Mr. Yadav,

    In production i am not getting the details by SUC3 but in dev i am getting th eoutput. SO what is the reason?



          • Use Program "RSPARAM" to find out the details of Parameter not advisable to log the changes in Production system Since configuration changes are done in development and no one will have authorization to do changes, these things needs to be controlled by Basis team by providing necessary authorization.



          • If you wanted to know in production you can, As suggested by SAP we should not evaluate the log details in Production, Even though you wanted as mentioned earlier utilize the parameter rec/client ask basis team to enable the parameters to log the changes in production system as well, not advisable.

            Log changes.JPG

            It should be like this to log the changes in all client's.



            Log changes.JPG
  • I'd suggest that logging is not done in PRD, as every customizing transport will cause the logging and delay in completion of transport process.  This can happen even if it is set for some important tables only.

    It should be in Dev.

    Further, this program may depend on the tables like E071, E071K.  I suspect this logging may not work if a user or consultant deletes objects in a transport or the transport itself, after the change.

    • Hi Jagan,

      Ok. In dev it's giving the output but in PRD is not. What is your suggession on that?

      Bcz as per knowledge that flow is always from dev to Prd for any changes. But if any one has taken a permission to change in the PRD level on that time if he did something wrong in the existinct tables then how we can track it. I know it's not recommand for PRD open (SAP is not giving permission to do so) but i am putting the qusetion in the different way.