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Customer Specific Extension Fields

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Extension fields are additional fields that administrators can add to a cloud solution from SAP.

Administrators can create extension fields for a screen that has been enabled for extension fields. The field can then be added to other screens, form templates, analytical data sources and reports, and so on.

To create extension fields you must be assigned to the Flexibility Change Log view in the Application and User Management work center:


Now I will create with you a new customer specific extension field in SAP Business ByDesign. For that I go to the adaptation mode which is available for me as a Key-User.


After entered the adaptation mode I open the view for which I will create the customer specific extension field.

In this case we have the view for a new opportunity. Beside the already existing information we will differentiate our opportunities between simple opportunities and by so-called “Must wins”. Respective reports were used for our forecast in the past and should continue to apply in the system.


Via Adapt you have the possibility to edit the screen. A window opens showing the functionality to add extention fields.


For our reporting requirement we need a checkbox to identify the special opportunities. Therefore we use the field type “Indicator”. Furthermore you can choose the default value, field label and a tooltip for your extension field. It’s also possible to translate the field names to other languages by clicking the small arrows.


The field is now available in different sections within the new opportunity. Select the desired section and mark the new field as visible. Please ensure that the field is marked as visible in the short overview and in the “View all” mode.


Via screen layout you can choose the correct position in the selected section. If you are happy with your settings publish your changes.



We overwrite individual personalization changes because we will use standardized templates for all our sales employees.

The next step will be to add our new extention field to data sources and reports.

To do this, please click on “Further usage”.



You can expand the existing data sources and reports by adding the new extention field. Typical the processing time takes a few minutes. The status indicator will change to green.

In the report, based on the selected data source, you can choose the extension field and analyse the data.


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  • Hi Tim,

    good overview.

    What makes the extension fields even more interesting from my point of view is the fact that these fields can be propagated along the process chain. Please check out the following screen shot which shows that there is a predefined extension scenario through which you can bring an opportunity extension field into quotes and sales orders:


    Thus, if necessary, you can bring extension fields from the opportunity into an invoice.

    Best regards


  • Hi Tim,

    thank you for this overview. The customer specific field is a very good help in a lot of cases. But I´m facing actually an issue regarding this field. It is true that this field is pushed trough some business scenarios. But adding it to the material master data won´t push it to delivery notes or to the stock overview etc. (also to the invoice but I´m not sure). I´ve raised this point also in the ByD Ideas site as I believe this is a must have.

    Best Regards


    • Hi Ersin,

      Currently, you are only be able to obtain your goal by introducing an add-on with the SDK that reads the product extension field and fills the information into the delivery note which needs to be extended for that purpose as well.

      Best regards


      PS: Please find a list of the supported extension scenarios in the following screenshot:ExtensionScenariosProduct.JPG

      • Hi Otfried,

        this is what the support also informed me about. For my understanding, this field should pushed trough up to the delivery note. However, thank you for your reply.

        Best regards,

        Ersin Kesgin

        • Hi Ersin,

          as long as the whold process chain is not extensible, I would only bring the field into the delivery note directly.

          Best regards