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Changing the project cycle or maintenance phase in Charm SOLMAN

We have various articles which will be helpful for troubleshooting the issues which introduce by phase inconsistencies when the project cycle goes from being completed to completed or another inconsistencies between maintenance cycle and project cycle. Some points are already stated in the SAP KBAs however I am mentioning here again for the sake of completeness. When the organizations are using the charm for the transport management system, project cycles should be closed within 1-2 months or depending on the frequency of changes (maintenance projects only)

  1. Ensure that you have implemented latest version of note 1752050 ChaRM & QGM: maintenance cycle Phase or QGate shift issue in the SAP Solution Manager system
  2. Ensure that in SMSY the RFCs used in column “RFC for SAP Solution Manager” are the SM_SIDCLNTXXX_TRUSTED and not the SM_SIDCLNTXXX_LOGIN for the systems used in the logical component of this project, also for clients 000. If you can see entry SM*_LOGIN you need to go to /nLMDB for the system- Destinations- RFC Maintenance – Edit, select the client and update the trusted connection by selecting option “update XXXX_TRUSTED” from the drop down list of “Trusted System RFC Destination” and click on “Execute”. This will change the RFC from SM_*_LOGIN to SM_*_TRUSTED in column “RFC for SAP Solution Manager” for the selected system and client.
  3. Usually Admin changes and defect correction changes are required to be in completed status and it prevent from the cycle closure.  You can check the required documents closure in /TMWFLOW/CRMDOCC. It is recommendable to complete that first and then close your cycle.
  4. Go to sm30: bcos_cust and check the entry Appl CHARM_DEST, destination is NONE7.PNG
  5. Check your business partner in the SOLMAN system, should have been created with the role as Employee. Check your business partners in other managed systems and should be created there also.
  6. Please implement latest version of notes 2015471 and 2078055 to ensure that the new task list is created correctly with all relevant transport requests reassigned to it
  7. For every phase, it is recommended to check the SLG1 application logs and stop immediately if you saw any errors pertaining to phase change.
  8. Make sure you had appropriate authorizations to make the phase change in all the managed systems. This is the most frequent and most common error which is encountered.
  9. Check your trusted RFCs, current user settings with the trusted relation should be maintained.
  10. Close the maintenance cycle window or come out from the project. If several users editing the same maintenance cycle or repeatedly open modes can cause the inconsistency.
  11. Check the IMG projects; it should be created only in development system. Some clients may create it in quality system also (as when the original development system is being upgraded). However it is not recommended approach though.
  12. Analyze the CTS project linked to IMG project created from the charm project, you can get this from table /TMWFLOW/PROJMAP, is the CTS project already released?, is there transport requests created outside charm and added to this CTS project?… ensure you applied note 1999363 to get detailed information about  CTS project completion issues.
  13. Error for RFC destination :-  /TMWFLOW/TL_COMPL_CHK_TR_WO_TL
  14. Solution: Read Rfcs authorization issue to your dev system including 000 (specially for SP8 or SP5), assign the profile S_TMW_CREATE.
  15. In case the cycle completion is failed due to CTS project issues, Check and implement 1999363 – ChaRM: cycle completion error about CTS project is not logged
  16. When you close the old cycle and create the new cycle, the transports should be decoupled from old cycle however if it is not the case check   2078055 – ChaRM: modifiable transport requests not reassigned to new task list when the old cycle is completed and a new cycle is created
  17. If you are using the project having the old maintenance cycles, please check below1579616 – ChaRM handles old SAP GUI maintenance cycles as new WEB UI’s
  18. You use the Cross System Object Lock functionality in SAP Solution Manager.
    If you complete a maintenance cycle and create a new task list by following note 1071412, you find in transaction /TMWFLOW/LOCKMON that those object lock entries in the old cycle have not been assigned to the new task list accordingly. This will lead to incorrect lock conflict calculation in your new cycle; check the note 1399135 – Cross System Object Lock and Maintenance Cycle Completion
  19. If you are using the retrofit, the creation of Retrofit Data after closing a Maintenance Cycle is incomplete. Not all Retrofit Data were created for the new Maintenance Cycle. Apply the note 1725114 – Retrofit – Fix generate Retrofit Data after Cycle close

Further important notes to troubleshoot is

Start with 1832160 – How to analyze issues when trying to close a ChaRM maintenance cycle

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