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People picker issue in UWL for SAP Portal 7.4

Substitution is a feature of the UWL that allows business users to take over items from other users and to assign items to other users .These cases are defined by certain substitution rules, which can be managed through the Substitution screens.


Business scenarios:

• Users can assign another user to manage your tasks if you are absent or unavailable.

• Users can define a nominee to receive your tasks or fill in for you.

• Users can create multiple substitution rules to cover all eventualities.

• Users can also accept tasks of other users (if they have assigned them to you).

Create Substitution Rules

1) Click and choose Manage Substitution Rules.


2)In the My Substitution Rules table, choose Create Rule .


3)Type userid  to select a nominee. Choose Select


4)Select user and click on next button


5)User can select radio button at once or on particular date


6)My substitution rule table will be updated



Above explained procedure is standard functionality of substitution ,but when it comes to the portal 7.4 SP5 we have faced some strange issue.

Managing substitutions rules the user picker shows the message “No name found for: *”


  UWL People picker does not show user details and also users search for substitution rules doesn’t work.

No search results displayed with error message :”No name found for:(Userid)/*.

If you verify log files then you can find following error message

Cannot clear ICM server cache by [718ac393010411e3a1fa000000d23c1e] etagIP address

To resolve above people picker issue I have created one role and assigned UME action UWLSearchUnrestricted to the portal role.


  Above role is assigned to Every user group. Other wise you can assign UME action UWLSearchUnrestricted to desired role.

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