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In conventional SAP, the form provided for the Dunning Letter is a sap script, whereas in SAP Best Practice, SAP has provided a smartform for Dunning Letter.

In this edition, I will share my findings in one of my SAP Best Practice imply project.

This blog is related to Dunning Letter config & coding  from ABAPer prospective only.You may find some other ways also to do the same.

We have to follow below mentioned steps:

  • Copy Smartform
  • Config BTE
  • Attach dunning form to Dunning procedures
  • Coding for email
  • Final Output


1.   Copy Smartform

  • Smartform for Dunning Letter – YBUS_FIMA.
  • We just need to copy it into our Z* smartform and make the changes.
  • This smartform has almost everything, you only need to add company logo & address

F Only catch here is the length of smartform name, it should not exceed 16.


  • SAP Best Practice also provided the smart style YBUS_SFSTYLE, we can copy it and use it OR we can make the changes in it as well


2. Config BTE

  • Transaction code – FIBFMaintenance transaction BTE
  • Click on Settings->P/S Modules->…of an SAP Application (check figure)


  • Hit ENTER 2 times
  • Check for Event 00001720 FI-FI (check figure)


  • Save it

3. Attach dunning form to dunning procedures

  • Go to tcode FBMP


  • Double click on Procedure 0001
  • Click on Dunning texts (check figure)


  • Enter company code 1000


  • Change the form name to Z* dunning smartform for all the four levels OR if you have different dunning forms for each level, maintain those forms here for each procedure


  • Save it

4. Coding for email

  • There is standard BTE 00001040 provided by SAP which is called when dunning is running (F150). SAP has also provided sample function module SAMPLE_PROCESS_00001040 to indicate how to use this BTE. The FM imports I_KNA1 structure and return structure C_FINAA.
  • Copy this FM SAMPLE_PROCESS_00001040 to Z*FM


  • Here we have passed C_FINAA-NACHA = ‘I’, C_FINAA-INTAD = customer email id(check the coding)
  • And also pass email Subject in C_ITCPO-TDCOVTITLE = ‘Reminder: Dunning Letter’
  • For email body we have to create a text ID in SO10 as



  • We need to attach this Z*FM to BTE 00001040
  • Go to transaction FIBF. Settings-> Process Modules-> of SAP Application
  • Add new entry with Process 00001040 FI-FI and FM as Z*FM created above


5. Final Output

  • Transaction code – F150, click Dunn.history


  • Next screen enter the values


  • On next screen, select one entry and click on Display dunning notice icon


  • Print preview


  • On print preview screen hit … F3…will get a popup as


  • Press Yes, it will trigger an email
  • You can check in tcode SOST
  • The above popup email id will appear automatically if it is maintained in the customer master




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