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New version of the SAP Web IDE and Hybrid App Toolkit now available

May  21    2015 : SAP publishes new versions of SAP Web IDE (1.11 ) and  Hybrid App Toolkit ( 1.4.2 )

April 25    2015 : SAP publishes new versions of SAP Web IDE (1.10 ) and  Hybrid App Toolkit ( 1.3.2 )

March 27 2015 : SAP publishes new versions of SAP Web IDE (1.9.1 ) and  Hybrid App Toolkit ( 1.2.6 )

Details on the new version of SAP Web IDE can be found here and for the Hybrid App Toolkit here

John Wargo  has written an excellent blog. introducing the concepts behind  the Hybrid App Toolkit.

New Features

From a new feature standpoint, this new version includes the following new features.

Ui Based installation

Hybrid Application Toolkit now uses a UI-based installation assistant to simplify the installation and setup of the development environment. This assistant replaces the command line script used in previous releases. It also checks all the pre-requisites and build the necessary components

Cordova facade

With Cordova facade , you will be able to preview and test the Cordova plugins already in a browser preview. The Cordova facade will simulate the call to the Cordova APIs. For example calling the camera API twill start the camera of your computer.

In this release the following Cordova Plug-ins are supported

  • Camera
  • Device

We will be adding support for more Plug-ins in upcoming releases.

QR code generation / QR reading in companionApp

This is quite a cool feature. When you preview the application in a browser , a QR code will be generated on the top right corner.

The  QR code can be scanned by the companionApp to test the application on a real device.

So what is so cool about it  ?  You can already test your application,  including mobile features,  without having to install any software on your laptop.

Just install  the companionApp ( source code included for iOS and Android ) and you are ready to go.

Want to know more ?

For more information on SAP Web IDE information go to   SAP Web IDE – Overview.

For more information on Hybrid Application Toolkit go to SAP Web IDE – Mobile

– Matthias

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