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IDM Database user password is changed and dispatcher not starting

This issue is reported by many customers.

A proper note will be created but I will also have it explained here as well.

So the situation is as follows. A user in the database has his password changed. Then the customer expectation is that when the dispatcher is restarted it should work again. This is wrong. You should change the password in exactly two places and regenerate the scripts in order this to take effect.


1) If we are speaking about the RT user you need to change the JAVA RT properties first


2) Then you need to change the Windows RT connection string


3) Do not forget to press APPLY otherwise your changes won’t be saved


4) Regenerate the scripts and then try to start the dispatcher it will be all fine now.

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  • Todor, interesting.  I did not know that this was a major problem.

    I think it needs to be made clear that you are referring to the system database accounts, such as mxmc_rt and mxmc_admin.