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Author's profile photo Saar Dagan

How to add doctype to your login page


Since HTML5 adoption is really high I heard from several customers that they would like to have an HTML5 based login page.

Out of the box the SAP Enterprise Portal doesn’t give you the configuration to add the needed doctype attribute in order to allow HTML5 login page.

This blog will help you to add the doctype attribute to the document, so lets get started..

* The procedure described will work for all versions higher than the version stated in this SAP note 1713259

1)        Under the content catalog, copy from Portal Applications -> -> certlogon and paste as PCD object in a folder under “Portal Content”.

12-03-2015 13-31-58.png12-03-2015 13-33-22.png12-03-2015 13-38-23.png

2)      Edit the permissions of the newly created iView add the Group Everyone with both Admin read and “End User” checked.

12-03-2015 13-54-47.png

3)      Edit the iView using the support PCD Inspector tool and add to it a String property with id ”” and value “true”

12-03-2015 13-57-14.png12-03-2015 13-56-38.png

4)      Apply SAP steps 2a, 2b, 2c from note “1713259 – PRT support for HTML5 doctype” Setting the PRT html5.compliant property to “iViewDependent “

12-03-2015 14-02-17.png

5)      Follow

create your own authscheme.xml file in the custom file replace the entries

” <frontendtarget></frontendtarget>” with “<frontendtarget>pcd:portal_content/<your folder>/certlogon</frontendtarget>”.

6)      Restart the whole cluster for the authscheme.xml configuration to take effect.

And that’s it, your’e done.

Now your logon page will have the HTML5 doctype declaration in a standalone scenario.



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      Author's profile photo Simon Kemp
      Simon Kemp

      Nice one Saar - very clever. Have to say though seems like it should be easier than this, and more standard... would a property in the NWA properties for the logon page (same place you can specify the logon logo and images) not be more straight forward?

      Author's profile photo Saar Dagan
      Saar Dagan
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Simon,

      Thanks for the comment, We will try to get this as an out of the box feature soon.

      I can't promise though since the priority of features are up for the product owners.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Saar,

      Nice workaround for Logon page to make HTML5 work on IE browsers. But the logon application is a WAR file, so how do we reference below (as per Note 1713259) component property in web.xml of logon.war application?

      <property name="" value="true"/>

      I've followed all the steps, and the doctype added as well to the logon page.. but my logon page still has issues even after implementation of your blog.

      Does the need of IE=edge is not required in this case?

      Not sure if these both is impacting the logon page not to work in IE browsers in standard-mode.

      Awaiting for your reply.


      Author's profile photo Mikhail Shipulin
      Mikhail Shipulin

      How to set DOCTYPE on customized logon page EP 7.3, 7.4
      This post was on approvoment, please, try it again

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Saar Dagan,

      Useful information, thanks for update.

      Warm Regards,

      M. Reddy.