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Getting (SAP Fiori) Fact Sheets Right

There is a lot of buzz currently in the SAP world about the explosion in the availability of SAP Fiori Apps. With the announcement of S/4 HANA, and the pure Fiori user experience, there is going to be a major shift in the perception of SAP in the global business community. The challenge is, how do we get started?

Let’s check on the current state of Fiori available for consumption today. If we go to the App Catalog:  we can see there are now 403 Fiori Apps listed.

One common misunderstanding though, is that 112 of these are Fact Sheets and 151 areAnalytical Apps. The Fact Sheets will only work if you run ECC directly on HANA, and the Analytical Apps require you to at least have HANA. With that said, there are still 140 Transactional Apps that anyone with ECC (on a new version) can use.

Talking with a broad array of SAP customers, there is very little chatter about Fact Sheets, which when combined with Fiori search, is clearly the most exciting enhancement in all of these scenarios. Let me explain:

Traditionally in SAP if you want to view a material, you may launch SAP Portal, then launch SAPGUI, type in t-code MM03, search for a material: “CH-3200″, then select the views you would like and tab through those until you find the data you need.

With Fiori search, you can simply type in CH-3200 (or the description) and just like Google, this is what you get:

Then you can click on the Material to get the Fact Sheet with a summary of information, views, and also some KPI’s (in this case unrestricted stock):

You could also easily pull up a goods receipt for this material:

And easily navigate to the related purchase orders:

You could then navigate to any related task for this purchase order:

If there are not yet Fiori apps for these, you can navigate to WEBGUI (change purchase order):

Or right to the Fiori app for approve purchase order:

Overall, this Fiori search and fact sheet approach represents an enormous user experience enhancement, with a clear migration plan. Think how much your users will love not needing to know T-codes, and navigating 10 steps to get a basic information, but simply being able to search for anything and jump right to it?

Feel free to contact me with any questions: Gavin Quinn | LinkedIn

Or see our website to see what else we’re up to:

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      • For Factsheet App - Cos tcenter, when I search on a specific cost center will the app  provide all transactions the Cost Center is being used?

        • Hi Kasa,

          I would have to look in more detail how the search algorithms are working, but in my experience, it shows a handful of fact sheets related to the search term where you can drill into a cost center for example, and then link to other related documents or transactions.

    • Hi Masa,

      I am new to Factsheet app configurations, I have completed all the required setup for the factsheet apps (Activating search connectors , enterprise search setup, activated required app(Like Apps id: F0046A).

      Now i stuck at point at assignment of Factsheet app to end users , As factsheet apps does not have tile so i can't add this to group also so in this case how to provide access of this app to end users.




  • Good introduction.

    But I'm wondering whether S/4 HANA still support transaction via traditional SAP GUI ?

    For fiori interface, do we need tiered architecture (such as NW Gateway, Web Dispatcher, something like that)?

    • It may be better to let SAP officially respond, but the word is that s/4 hana still runs traditional sapgui for most things, and they are building the Fiori apps as fast as they can. I think it's the state direction to go to Fiori first, but with the understanding there are many screens to redo.

      Regarding Fiori interface, you wouldn't necessarily "need" the 3-tier architecture, but something like that would be ideal in a large-enterprise productive environment: Web Dispatcher->Gateway-> ECC (and Web Dispatcher to HANA XS as well without Gateway).

  • Hi Gavin,

    Short and simple explanation 🙂 thanks. Could you help me with this ? Is this possible with factsheets? if yes, I dont get it.

    If there are not yet Fiori apps for these, you can navigate to WEBGUI (change purchase order):



  • In the first screenshot there is a search field where you enter an article. Which app provides this search box? When I use the lauchpad search field then I can see that it is only seached in the apps itself.