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Step by Step guide for creation of Structural Packages in SAP HANA Studio .

Demo System : SAP HANA 1.0 SP 09 .

Different types of Packages in SAP HANA Modeler  :

Packages : Packages are the first logic storage component of an SAP HANA model. Within a package you define one or more attribute views, analytic views, calculation views,  analytic privileges, Decision Tables ,Procedures.

1. Structural – Package helps to organize the content in a logical  tree.

2. Non-Structural – Package contains information objects . Non-Structural are created by  Default.

Structural Package:

Lets Create a Parent Package  “ ZS_Australia “

                       Child Package (Sub Package )  “ ZS_Australia.NSW “

Step 1:

Right Click on Content < New< Package

Step 2:

Enter Name and Desc . Click on OK

A delivery unit is a collection of several packages, used for transporting content from one HANA system to another. If its a standalone HANA Sandbox system you can ignore and move on to click ok .

If you want to make this Package as Parent Package Go to Properties and Change the Structure Package as Yes .By Default it is NO .


Click on Edit Package. Structural: Yes . Then Click on OK


Creation of Sub Package  NSW .

Right Click on Parent Package ie ZS_Australia <New < Package .


You will be prompted with ZS_Australia.

<Parent_Package>.<Child Package>

Enter NSW after the ZS_Australia.  -> the Child Package  . Enter Name and Description .

Click OK .

Step 6:

Here is the final output . Now you will be able to create your Attribute View, Analytic View , Calculation View , Procedure , Decision Tables , Analytic Privilege as per your requirement  under child package NSW .

Hope it’s  well documented , useful and liked  !Feel free to add your  suggestions /Comments .

Thank You

Zeenath Syeda

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