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SAP – BW Optimization Approach

Business Scenario

SAP  BW system may needs optimization / performance improvements by which the whole BW system is intact and efficient to fulfill the business needs.

The Following are the high level brief summary points which may serve as a starting point , a general approach to see the system and move forward with the optimization techniques. There are number of performance tuning techniques are available in the BW area. We can incorporate all / any/some of that after getting familiarized with these key points.

This may help a new comer who is on board to the project or an existing consultant.These key points may help to define a optimization project for an existing system and independent of the BW versions.

SAP – BW Optimization Approach at a High Level

  1. Understand the System Landscape
  2. Get familiar with the BW Architecture and the reporting Environment
  3. Understand thoroughly on the Business Areas where the Analytics are performed.
  4. Identify the KPI’s and Key reports (Management &  Analytical)
  5. Collect, gather information and understand the road blocks and Business Pain points.
  6. Analyze the optimization / performance tuning steps taken so far and understand the changes done in the system landscape.
  7. Gather information on the highly impacted areas and where the business needs the system to be optimized.
  8. Prioritize the areas where optimization process should start.
  9. Segregate the improvement areas into Data Extraction(Includes Source side as well) , Transformation/Staging,  Analytical/Reporting side.
  10. Take the inventory of the objects pertinent to the each areas defined above.
  11. Identify the Key areas where the system can be improved/optimized by taking out the current changes/enhancing the current changes done so far.
  12. Analyze the impact of changing the existing optimization / performance tuning steps taken so far.
  13. Identify the best performance tuning techniques which can be implemented on the areas (Point 9)
  14. Come up with a solution suggestion where the existing changes can be removed / enhanced to the areas defined in Point 9.
  15. Analyze and identify how to sustain the system live ,up and running when about to perform the optimization process and make sure  business would not be impacted at any point of time.
  16. Draw an Optimization/Project plan based on the prioritized  business areas and get the objects list based on the inventory taken segregated by the improvement areas.
  17. Come up with the plan to identify the deliverable , timelines (The project management work will be involved at this point)
  18. Collaborate and explain the plan internally then go for the approval from Business stake holders.
  19. Create a Unit test plan for Dev and Regression test plan for QA to accommodate the finalized plan.
  20. Start implementing the optimization as planned  with extra care and make sure to do multiple testing from the BW perspective and the Business perspective and make sure nothing breaks.
  21. Continue testing in Dev , meet with internal team and prove the performance/optimization ; done so far against the optimization done earlier.
  22. Finalize and confirm the optimization plan works as expected successfully and move on to the next level in the system landscape.

Hope this gives an idea to the beginners, entry level consultant how to approach for an optimization/performance tuning projects.

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