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For those asking which are the latest EBF’s for PB 12.x:

  • PB 12.1: SP01 PL14 (build 7395)
  • PB 12.5.2: SP02 PL07 (build 5703)
  • PB 12.6: SP00 PL02 (build 4035)

Anyone under support contract can test it. The most important isn’t what is the last EBF, but what does in fixes.

Finnaly, for PB 12.6: SP00 PL02 (build 4035), there is also 12.6 SP00 PL03 Localized Runtime (build 4035), which I think some people are looking for.


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          this is a new policy after sybase era….. you buy the apple with bugs, and you have to pay buyer to clean the bugs from apple.

          do you think that this apple business will survive ?

          how many people believe the next apple promises …….

          Powerbuilder is a programming language, it’s not an Application. If this cannot be support by vendor. Programmers will avoid using it.

    1. Andreas Mykonios Post author

      Well, last EBF’s for:

      • PB 12.1: SP01 PL14 (build 7395)
      • PB 12.5.2: SP02 PL10 (build 5801)

      For 12.6 the most recent is:

      • PB 12.6: SP00 PL08 (build 4091)



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