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Wroclaw SAP Meetup #1: “SAP you might not know”

After our “zeroth” meetup we haven’t waited too long for the next – official and first – Wrocław SAP Meetup. The topic was “SAP you might not know” and indeed many topics we discussed were new to some of attendees.

So, let me quickly recap some of the points here with links to further reading:

  1. SAP is not only only about Appliacations as some still think, but is the player in three areas. Yes, Applications (ERP, CRM, SCM etc) is one of them. And the other two are Technology Platform and Business Networks.
  2. SAP is evolving into “the Cloud company powered by HANA”. You can read more about it in Steve Lucas ‘s A Roadmap for Simple.
  3. It is worth to note that SAP is active at all levels of the Cloud stack:
  4. Cloud drives new requirements for the online experience. That’s why at SAP we are running 1DX (One Digital Experience) program.
  5. A bit more about the cloud: SAP is one of the Platinum Sponsors of Cloud Foundry Foundation. And no, it is not the only open source initiative where SAP is engaged. Other most notable examples include Eclipse Foundation, Review Ninja, and – obviously – OpenUI5.
  6. SAP works with startups and SAP Startup Focus program has been arround for a couple of years already. But for now we have only one startup with Polish roots participating in it – HyperBees … from London.

At this point we were through two hours of the meeting and only a half of slides, so the rest of topics were left to the next meetup. Feel free to join if you are in Wrocław!


-Vitaliy (aka @Sygyzmundovych)

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