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Upload initial stock using Transaction MBBM

Hi Friends this is my first blog in SCN.

There are so many method to upload initial stock i.e. LSMW, BDC.

Apart from these method one more method I would like to share with all of you, which is direct excel file upload. To upload this method nowhere LSMW is required. Actually here this process will bypass all the way LSMW configuration and directly it will upload excel sheet (csv) and upoad the stock using batch input.


T-Code: FILE


Note: Each and every field must be included in this sheet. Value of fields must be equals to field length.


It will create and run batch input and upload the stock.

Hope this document is helpful.

Best regards,

Kaushal Sharma

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  • Hi Kaushal

    Nice Document.

    Is it necessary to include each filed of structure BMSEG.?

    There are various logical file which might be used to upload other data.? How have you determine that structure BMSEG is  used in your case.  Is there may method or technique which tell us that this structure would be used for this logical files?


    • Hi Manish,

      Yes it is necessary to include each field but till the end of the last field which you are using in stock upload.

      i.e. In field sequence of BMSEG structure, Qty is last field which you will use in stock upload, so till Qty field you have to capture all field length. But it is not necessary you will maintain field value in the file, instead of value, you can also give space.

  • Hi Kaushal,

    Can you please elaborate more on Source File, Target File in CG3Z (what are the input files) and after opening the excel in text format, you have asked to replace commas with spaces (is it for the the input data).

    Awaiting for your reply.



    • Hi Saranya,

      Source file is having fields from structure BMSEG and Yes it is necessary to include each field but till the end of the last field which you are using in stock upload. CG3Z is nothing but a place to upload the file in the system from MBBM program will fetch all the value and upload stock in the system.

      I have mentioned to remove comma, because when you will save file as CSV file and open in text file, it will show comma after each and every fields values which must be considered as value when you will upload the file. If you want to see the file which you uploaded in the system can be viewed using AL11 transaction and can be downloaded by using transaction CG3Y.

      If you need any further clarificaiton please let me know.