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SAP Fiori Launchpad Joins HANA Cloud Platform Trial

Note: SAP HANA Cloud Portal was renamed to “SAP HANA Cloud Platform, portal service” in May 2016. In this blog the name “HANA Cloud Portal” is still used.

We are pleased to announce that Fiori launchpad is now available for all HANA Cloud Platform trial users. The Launchpad is available as a site in Cloud Portal, and provides range of services, including navigation, application configuration, and embedded support.

Note that the manual activation of the SAP Fiori launchpad is not necessary anymore. The Fiori launchpad is fully integrated into Cloud Portal, and when you enable the Cloud Portal, the Fiori launchpad is also available with no additional manual steps.

As you are probably aware, we’ve moved the Cloud Portal role creation and assignment procedure to HANA Cloud Platform (for more details, see this blog). The Administrator role for Cloud Portal is now defined as TENANT_ADMIN in HANA Cloud Platform; it is applicable for both Cloud Portal and Fiori launchpad


In addition, there is no limitation on the number of Administrators you can assign to your trial account.

To assign Administrators:

  1. Open the HANA Cloud Platform cockpit.
  2. In the navigation menu at the left, click Services.
  3. In the SAP HANA Cloud Portal entry, click Configure Roles.
  4. Assign the TENANT_ADMIN role to one or more groups or individuals.

To create your first Fiori launchpad site :

  1. Log on to Cloud Portal.
  2. In the Site Directory, do one of the following:
    • Click Add > Fiori Launchpad.
    • Click the card with the cross and in the dialog box, select Fiori Launchpad from the dropdown list.
  3. Enter a name and description for the site, and click Create and Open.


To create and configure content for a launchpad site, you can refer to this blog and the SAP Fiori Launchpad on Cloud online documentation.


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  • That's great news.

    Question, what if I want to add my on-premise Fiori HCM applications to the HCP Fiori Launchpad and do it so that these on-premise applications (running on the ABAP web server) are tunneled through the Hana Cloud Connector? What are the setup instructions to achieve this?

    • Hi Pieter,

      The Fiori launchpad on cloud can run Fiori apps which are developed and deployed on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. The Cloud Connector is used to retrieve data from the on-premise backend systems in a secured manner, however the apps are running in the cloud.

      To get the full experience of SAP Fiori you can refer to SAP Fiori, Demo Cloud Edition. At the moment, the apps are running in a demo mode, going forward there will be a trial option that will allow customers to experience SAP Fiori apps connected to their on-premise backend.

      Hope this helps.



      • Thanks Ifat.

        I keep getting the error message "Could not start the app due to a configuration problem" when trying to launch my custom app from the Fiori Launchpad in the Cloud.

        Here is what I did to get my existing Fiori UI5 application in the cloud.

        1. Create a new "HTML5 Application' in HCP
        2. Push the custom application to the git repo (URL in app's versioning menu)
        3. Enabled Hana Cloud Portal and Fiori Launchpad in cloud
        4. Enabled the app + Fiori Launchpad
        5. Add new app in Fiori Launchpad

        Now here is where it get's unclear. I found this comment where someone found out the correct component URL to be '/' because he created the app in the root of his WebIDE. But I am not using WebIDE and I have no clue what my components URL should be..


        I tried '/' or full url for my HTML5 application ""


        set to "emeritis..geotimetracker" cause I declared at the top of my Component.js file:"emeritis..geotimetracker.Component");


        set to "geoclocker" cause I named my app like that when I created it in HCP.

        • Found it!

          It doesn't matter if the app was created using the WebIDE or pushed to the git repository of the HTML5 application in HCP. What matters is that everything (I guess especially the Component.js) is in the root of your project.

          In my case I moved everything from /WebContent to / and got rid of the WebContent directory. After this I selected '/' as the component-URL and *works*. 🙂

  • Hi,

    I deployed one sample application from SAP WEB IDE To SAP Fiori Launchpad.

    Configuration tiles, Group creation everything was done. But i am getting below error. can

    any one please help me!


    Could not start the app due to a configuration problem


    Karthik A

    • Hi Karthik,

      Can you please send a link so I can see the problem?

      Also, did you assign the application to a content package with assigned roles?



      • Hi,

        I deployed my application from web IDE -> Reg to SAP Fiori Launchpad.


        I am struck in content package. i created one content package in my Launchpad. But still it is showing 0.

        My Site Link:

        Could you please help me how to configure my application to launchpad. i almost reached...




        Karthik A

        • Hi,

          The 0 in the content package tile indicates that there are 0 content packages with unassigned roles.

          Regarding the error you received, can you send me a link so I can see why this is not working.



        • Please check in your cockpit - HTML 5 Applications (or wherever your application is deployed in the HCP), that your application is still active.

          For my case of the context of the similar error, I've realised I explicitly deleted the application in the HTML 5 application area. And even though in my WebIDE where my application still allows me to Register to Fiori Launchpad, it gives me this similar error which you're facing.

          Hope this will help with your issues.

  • Ifat,

    Thanks for this 🙂 😆 ➕ ➕ , it was very easy to set it up a great addition to the trail edition, it will help people understand FLP who don't have access to on-premise systems.


    Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 09.49.18.png

    Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 09.49.18.png
  • Hi, I'm currently running hana on cloud trial and I'm faced with this error. I have tried adding roles of TENANT_ADMIN to my user and still found no luck.

    Anyone out there have this issues?Screenshot 2015-04-17 17.34.19.png

    Screenshot 2015-04-17 17.34.19.png
      • Hi Ifat,

        Yes I did.

        But anyway, I've managed to solve it already.

        I think there are some configurations which I have messed with during the setup as well.

        I also realized that there are some data / configurations which they will save in your cache. (My issue was resolved after I tried logging into it again with another computer)

        Some tips for people who are facing some issues:

        • Clear cache and other settings in your browser
        • For errors: "Could not start the app due to a configuration..." - Ensure that your application is deployed in the cloud (I deleted the app in my HTML 5 Application and that gives me that error)


  • Hi

    After doing the steps you mentioned, I tried to deploy a app to "Fiori Launchpad"

    In the "Register to Launchpad" steps, in the "assignment" part after configuring the tile, I am not able to assign to any category. How do I create & assign categories?

    Below is the place where I am not able to move forward Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 3.45.29 pm.png

    Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 3.45.29 pm.png
    • Hi Koorma Pramodh Yellapu,

      For Catagories Management, please enter into your FLP via your HCP Cockpit -> Subscription -> FLP (If you do not have it, Create New Subscription & select Fiori Launchpad).

      Once you're in, proceed to Open your Title Catalog and in there you can configure many other settings.

      Go to Categories and I'm sure the rest of the steps are pretty straightforward.


      Jacob Tan

      • Hi Jacob,

        I have the same problem as Koorma.

        Unfortunately I do not understand what do you mean with “For Catagories Management, please enter into your FLP via your HCP Cockpit -> Subscription -> FLP (If you do not have it, Create New Subscription & select Fiori Launchpad).”

        Please see the Screenshot:


        How do I can “Go to Categories”?

        I tried meanwhile everything and I am quite despaired of not coming forward…

        Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

        Best regards,


        • Hi Valentin,

          What I mean as quoted above, “For Catagories Management, please enter into your FLP via your HCP Cockpit -> Subscription -> FLP (If you do not have it, Create New Subscription & select Fiori Launchpad).”, I was referring to the instance where you can register your SAPUI5 Application immediately from your WebIDE. Please refer to the screenshots below on how you can achieve to that stage of Registering your SAPUI5 Application to Fiori Launchpad.

          [The screenshots below is referring to the following versions: WebIDE (160225), SAPUI5 (1.34.8) ]


          Figure A (Above): Right click on your SAPUI5 Project > Deploy > Register to Fiori Launchpad


          Figure B (Above): Follow through the options, choose the catalog & group which you've created in your Fiori Launchpad Site. (If you do not see anything here, please follow the screenshots below for the pre-requisites)

          [Screenshots below: Pre-requisites on setting up your own Fiori Lanchpad]


          Figure 1 (Above): Make sure your subscription for the Fiori launchpad is activated./wp-content/uploads/2016/03/c_910104.png

          Figure 2 (Above): Once your flpportal is activated, click into it and browse into your Launchpad, then under your name > Manage Site/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/b_910103.png

          Figure 3 (Above): Here you can create new Catalog & Groups to hold your SAPUI5 Apps!

          Hope this helps you and gives you breakthrough in your development.

          Thank you.


          Jacob Tan

  • Hi, I'm looking for some example code/tutorial to create dynamic app launcher tiles. I found the single documentation page on this topic (SAP HANA Cloud Portal Documentation) but it doesn't really help me to understand the full path of things I have to do to add some dynamic app launcher tiles among the tiles I have created with Sap Fiori Launch Pad in HCP.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  • Hi,

    I am getting  permission error when I try to delete any apps, packages or categories in Fiori Launchpad. Also, I am unable to create any packages, categories or apps in Fiori launchpad. It was working fine until yesterday. TENANT_ADMIN role is assigned to my ID. Has anyone faced this error ? Any help on this ?

    Fiori Launchpad Permission Issue.png

    Fiori Launchpad Permission Issue.png
  • Hi Ifat,

    thank you for your interesting blog;

    do you know if is it possible to configure the SAP Fiori Launchpad on HCP as the entry point from a SAP FIORI Client?

    Thank you


  • Hello Ifat

    I could create a fiori tile (for a sapui5 application). But, when I access the tile, the data is not populated (all the data in my app was hard coded). the same app when run from an IDE is working as expected.

    Please let me know, if I have missed any configuration

    Thank You



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