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Hi Guys,

Our team is trying to upgrade from Powerbuilder 12.5 to 12.6 in order to take advantage of new features. The problem we are running into is that when we run the migrated project from 12.6 the application crashes every time we go into the parts of the application where Imageman ActiveX Control is present. We took the control off and it runs the application just fined.  We are deploying the application in P-Code 32-Bit. When we add this control to a test project with the ActiveX control in it then it does the same thing, but works if we deployed in Machine Code. Our application cannot be run in Machine Code, so we still have to find a solution. We know the error is an Access Violation to memory, which may have to do with how Powerbuilder is manifesting the Build in the OS.

The Imageman control can be downloaded from the following website as a 30 free trial, if you would like to replicate the problem:

Thx in advance.

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  1. Patricia Steinhardt

    Hi Ivan,

    Hope you get this reply as you posted this as a blog instead of a discussion. 

    I have not downloaded and tested with your ActiveX but it sounds like a bug I know was recently fixed. 

    Do you have Visual Studio 2010?  If you do, try running editbin.exe on your exe.

    After generating a PB executable, example name PbActiveX.exe, execute the following from a VS command prompt.

    editbin.exe /NXCOMPAT:NO PbActiveX.exe

    It works as well with the PB IDE editbin.exe/NXCOMPAT:NO on PB126.exe

    See below for info on why this was happening.

    If this is what you are running into and you do not have Visual Studio, it will also be fixed in the next PB 12.6 EBF.

    Patricia Steinhardt
    SAP Active Global Support

    1. Former Member


      We are having the same issue with some imaging activex controls.  Could you give the PB 12.6 ebf build that corrects this issue?  We are on the PB 12.6 GA release (3506)


      Quentin Carrera

        1. Former Member


          Unfortunately, we have upgraded to the 4058 build and are still having problems with a video capture SDK.  (Viscom VidCap Activex Control).  The control was working with the 3506 build after using the editbin command as described above.  We are developing on Win 7 Sp1 OS. 


          1. Jacob ZITTOUN


            To be able to help you so far with this issue, please create a new SAP incident providing the needed infos (ActiveX control and use case example) to recreate the issue.




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