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Do you ponder when

  • Your design advises your solution to copy existing cube (on which many reports/queries are built)for various reasons
  • You need to copy queries on cube to cube or cube to Multiprovider, DSO to InfoSet and so on..       
  • Sometimes you need to copy almost similar queries between two info providers. For this we generally use transaction RSZC, but the transaction won’t allow us to copy the queries because few info objects are missing in the other Info providers.
  • You cannot copy Bex queries/reports, which are, built on the Infosets. So you have to create all the reports again on new Infoset. However in that case new Infoset will create new technical names for Info objects. For example if you have the ZFUND info object into the base Infoset then new copied Info object name will be Z_FUND_1.

I did spend some time to think on those issues and solution and thus decided to write my first white paper on describing my experience and also the resolution for copying queries irrespective of Info providers.

Step-By-Step Solution

1) Go to SE37



3) Clicked on Display

4) Run the module by pressing F8



a) Go to SE16.

b) RSRREPDIR goes to in this table.

c) Enter the source query name or info provider name to find the COMPUID


d) After executing copy COMPUID from A version column.


5) Enter the Source I_SOURCE_COMPUID, I_SOURCE_INFOCUBE, I_TARGET_INFOCUBE and then click on Execute button.


As you can see the BEx query has been copied successfully on top of your target provider


I am sure this document will help you to perform similar kind of development.

Even though there are couple of few steps, but I do feel privileged by penning down my First White Paper!

Many thanks for your encouragement and reading through this.



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  1. Former Member

    Thanks Pramod, congratulations on your white paper. Thanks for sharing.

    Does using the function module solve the issues with copying queries from one InfoSet to another?


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