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Implement Case Management with SAP GTS

Applies To:

SAP Global Trade Services 7.1 or later


This article talks about the implementation of Case Management with SAP Global Trade Services.  It describes case management features, the setups and configurations required for successful implementation of SAP GTS Case Management.

Author: Chakrapani Muriki

Company: SBS Corp.

Created on: 03/03/2015

Author Bio:


Chakrapani Muriki is a Senior SAP GTS and Logistics Consultant with more than 16 years of experience in Information Technology Systems. He successfully led and managed various projects in the area of Global Trade Services, Materials Management, Sales and Distribution for Hi-Tech, Semi-Conductors, Steel, Cement Manufacturing and AFS Industries.

Table of Contents:


Brief Overview of Case Management

Functional Objects of Case Management

  • Business Partners
  • Documents
  • Products

Core Components of Case Management

  • Case Type
  • Process Route Model
  • Workflow
  • Default Data

Business Usage

  • Custom Document Case Management Process
  • Create Case
  • Escalate/Approve/Reject Case


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This document demonstrates the process of implementing SAP Global Trade Services Case Management in integration with Compliance Management services Sanctioned Party List Screening, Embargo Screening and Product Classification. This document assumes readers to have basic knowledge of SAP GTS Compliance Management Services and Workflow.

Brief Overview of Case Management

SAP GTS Case Management aids in decision-making process when business partners or documents are blocked as a result Sanction Party List Screening process, Embargo Screening in SAP Global Trade Services. A Case enables secure decision-making process by storing relevant documents and background information. A Case can be escalated to peers or superior officers through a defined process route. Case Management also aids in the product classification functions in SAP Global Trade Services.

Functional Objects of Case Management

SAP Global Trade Services Case Management can be activated for the following functional objects.

Functional Objects.png

Business Partners

If Case Management is to be implemented explicitly for business partners, then it is required to activate for business partners.


If Case Management is to be implemented for customs documents, then it is required to activate for customs documents.


If Case Management is to be implemented for product classification, then it is required to perform activation for products.

Core Components of Case Management

Case Type

The Case Type is the main characteristic of a Case, which combines the various customizing settings (attributes, functions, statuses, text, etc.).

Create one or more case types for each of the above-mentioned functional object based on the business requirement. However, it requires at-least one Case Type for any functional object to activate Case Management.


Process Route Model

A Process route model facilitates the work items to be processed/approved in an organized way.

Process route models can be of 2 types

1) Sequential Process route

b) Parallel process route

The work items are automatically escalated to subsequent processor once the processor of the preceding process route item has finished their work item.



Activation of workflow enables to trigger workflow events for SAP GTS Case Management.

Carry out basic SAP Business Workflow customizing via transaction SWU3 to setup Workflow Template and Task for Case Management.


Default Data

The data defaulting enables to determine process route for a Case in SAP Global trade Services.

Setup default data parameters at the following IMG path:

Global Trade Services -> General Settings -> Case Management -> Define Default Data for Case Management.


Business Usage

SAP Global Trade Services Case Management facilitates to create and process cases for the partners, documents and assignment of tariff numbers in the product classification of SAP Compliance Management and SAP Customs Management modules.

Custom Document Case Management Process


Create Case

Select the blocked document from the blocked documents report and click on create case icon on the report tool bar then case will be created with the following pop-up message, “case created successfully”.



Escalate/Approve/Reject Case:

Select the blocked document against which case exists from the blocked document report and click on display case icon on the report tool bar then the following screen will be displayed where case can be approved, rejected or updated with necessary documents to escalate to superiors in decision chain for further review and approval.




SAP Global Trade Services Case Management tool helps to automate the process of creating Cases for any blocked documents or blocked partners or classified products. It facilitates review and attachment of the supporting documents for subsequent escalation and approval processes.

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      Author's profile photo phani Krishna
      phani Krishna

      Hi Chakrapani Muriki,


      This document is really good & helpful , Thanks for posting the same.

      My requirement is need to make sure every partner must have FTO assignment , if any partner NOT having FTO assignment relevant program should check the logic & assign a dummy partner for the specific partner, so that system will allow to create a case management for that specific partner. 

      Any help / inputs from you would be great.