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There are 3 important settings to be done in SPRO before the actual Legacy System Asset Data Transfer takes place.

  1. Set the company code to correct status:

           Below screenshot shows the SPRO path for the node

Image 1.png

            The status for a company code can be 0,1,2,3 as shown in the figure below:


       The status should be set to ‘1’ for the company code for which the Legacy System Asset Data Transfer is being done.


       Note: The status to be set to ‘0’ once the Asset Data Transfer is done.

    2. Transfer Date Specification:

         Below screenshot shows the SPRO path for the node


      Usually, the Legacy System Asset Data Migration is done on a year end date. So, 31.12.XXXX is the date set. But, there are many cases where the transfer is done mid-year. In such a case, the date here would be a month end date. The date signifies that the values which we are uploading into the system for the Assets is as on that date. So, if the date here is set as 31.12.2014, the values uploaded into the system are as of on 31.12.2014.


    3. Last depreciation period posted in Legacy System:

       Below screenshot shows the SPRO path for the node



       As seen in the above screenshot, for each of the depreciation areas, where the depreciation is to be posted, a setting of period and fiscal year is to be done. The period and year here specifies the last period for which depreciation was posted in the legacy system. SAP depreciation posting would be allowed from the next period. So, if the period and year here is Feb 2015, SAP depreciation posting would start from March 2015. March 2015 would be the first month for which depreciation would be posted in the system.

I have published another document on how to upload legacy assets using LSMW –> Legacy System Asset Data Transfer using LSMW

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  1. Former Member

    I have not heard this point we need to do changes status for company code.This is the first time I heard it.

    What is the purpose to update the company code status like from 2 to 1 and to 0. We observed in on of my previous client system we found for company code status should be displayed with ‘2’ status after migration.

    can you explain me once what is the pros and cons on this setup.

    Thank you Sowmya

    1. Former Member

      Status 1: Asset data transfer not yet completed

      Company code is in transfer status and one can change the asset value by transferring the asset values, but not by posting.

      Status 2: Test company code with data transfer always allowed

      Company code is in test status and one can transfer as well as post asset values.


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