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Usefull report for PS for Project Managers/Directors

Hi all,

I have try to search to find a article / doc about useful report for PS, but unable to find any. I know we can go to shortcut menu and find bunch of reports, however its hard to find which one is the useful one. So I want to share my finding on the report I found can help the Project managers/directors to track the status of multiple project along with some of the detail reports.

No Category Report Usage
1 Cost S_ALR_87100190 – Plan/Actual/Variance for Each Project and Person Responsible Shows variance(plan vs actual) of each project/person responsible – suitable for multiple project selection
2 Cost S_ALR_87013532 – Plan/Actual/Variance (more detail) Shows variance(plan vs actual) of each project/person responsible in detail
4 Cost S_ALR_87013533 – Plan/Actual/Cmmt/Rem.Plan/Assigned Shows the plan,actual,cmmt,rem.plan and assigned costs
5 Budget S_ALR_87013557 – Budget/Actual/Variance Shows budget,actual costs, and variance – suitable for multiple project selection
7 Logistic ME5J Purchase Requisitions for Project Shows PR at project level selection
8 Logistic ME2J Purchasing Documents for Project Shows PO at project level selection
9 Logistic MD4C – Order Report Shows Planned orders and its component
10 Logistic CN44N – Planned Orders Show Planned order and its basic start/ end date
11 Cost S_ALR_87013542 – Actual/Commitment/Total/Plan in CO Area Currency Actual / Commt ./ Total / Plan base on Cost element
12 Revenue S_ALR_87013566 – Actual Contribution Margin Shows Revenue contributed by projects – suitable for multiple project selection
13 Cost S_ALR_87013533 – Plan/Actual/Commitment/Rem.Plan/Assigned Can be use as indication of progress
14 Budget S_ALR_87013558 – Budget/Actual/Commitment/Rem. Plan/Assigned Shows all comparison of Budget v/s Actual v/s Assigned Amount
15 Cost CJI3 – Actual Line items Shows all actual line item posted to WBS/Activity
16 Logistics CJI5 – Commitment Line Items Shows all PR/PO raised for WBS/Network Activity

This 3 reports should really be use by the Project director which can quickly indicate the progress of multiple projects;

S_ALR_87100190 – Plan/Actual/Variance for Each Project and Person Responsible – understand which project having cost burst

S_ALR_87013557 – Budget/Actual/Variance  – understand which project having budget burst

S_ALR_87013566 – Actual Contribution Margin  – understand which project having profit / loss

Just configure a selection profile to select specific project with execution status / budget approved level, along with some restriction such as company code etc. These report also can quickly connect to CJI3 and will show the exact same amount contribute to the cost.


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