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Supportability Tool for Transport Problems

  • SAP Change and Transport System (BC-CTS) is a unique tool of SAP to enable customers to organize development projects in the ABAP Workbench and in Customizing, and then transport the changes between the SAP Systems in their system landscape.
  • SAP’s CTS tool is already very mature, but we still receive high number of customer incidents due to complexity of customer’s SAP system landscape as well as their frequent development activities or change management activities.
  • We therefore developed a supportability tool to enable customers to better monitor their transport activities and progress, analyse the issues and solve those issues by themselves. This tool is included in KBA 2126899 together with a video and a user guide in the pdf document
  • The tool allows a user to analyse all transport related activity in one transaction.
  • It allows a user to input a time frame and the tool will return all transports that were exported and imported to selected system (provided it share transport directory with the system you are running the tool from) during that period.
  • It will highlight the return code for each phase of the transport and allow the user to view the detailed log file from the transport directory. This will allow the user to troubleshoot any issues presented.
  • The tool will have the ability to take the error message(s) from the log file(s) and search for SAP notes / KBAs to find a solution
  • The user has the ability to view important DB tables related to the Transport Management System.
  • The tool can read the transport buffer file on OS level and give an overview of the status including buffer snapshots to facilitate troubleshooting.
  • The user can view the password rules that would affect TMS user (‘TMSADM’) directly from the tool.
  • Direct access to work directory and system log with the ability to highlight errors and search for a solution.

  • Direct access to the TMS QA tables to analyse Quality Assurance issues.
  • Finally there is an action which highlights the performance times of the transports (by displaying  the runtime of each transport phase) highlighting the areas of poor performance so we can address those.
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  • Hello Jason, I'm trying to load this tool in my test system.

    At importing the transport, error message is happening with the following two problems

    Program ZFINDTRKORR: Syntax error in line 000190

    Chained method call is not allowed.

    Program ZHISTTRKORR contains no syntax errors

    Program ZLOGTRANS01, Include ZLOGTRANS01F01: Syntax error in line 000469

    Chained method call is not allowed.

    Do you have any idea about that?