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SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation

Dear Friends of SAP HANA data warehousing foundation,

This blog is retired. For the latest information please check out the Community page SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation / HANA SQL Data Warehouse and use the tag SAP HANA data warehousing foundation


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  • Hi,

    I created a profile in DLM on a given table to move the data from Hot to cold and it created a pruning view. I am trying to create a calculation view by including this pruning view to use in my application and encountering the following issue. I gave select grant access on the schema sap_hdm_dlm_gnr to _sys_repo

    I can not think of any other access and I am able to create views but not on top of the PVIEW created by DLM.

    (ERROR, error code: 40117, error message: Repository: Encountered an error in repository runtime extension;Model inconsistency. Create Scenario failed: The following errors occurred: user is not authorized (2950)


  • Hi,

    I'm trying to find an up to date summary of the main differences between data tiering approaches on HANA native and BW/4HANA. We have a hybrid EDW. The DWF seems to have unlocked some new options.

    Any pointers or summaries appreciated!

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Mike,

      Did you get a response on this? Slide 12 in this presentation gives you a high level overview of each of the different platform options. For high level differences on data tiering between XS Classic and XS Advanced, scroll down to "Data Lifecycle Manager (DLM) – XS-Classic" and "Data Lifecycle Manager (DLM) – XS-Advanced" in this blog. The DWF looks pretty slick.