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PCC: How to implement a check

In payroll control center There is a very important component is check .

Payroll is so complex and there are a lot of master data and payroll result need check.

PCC provide a framework to formulate the whole process .

  • find the error
  • resolve the error
  • validate the correction .

check can help to find the error and validate the correction .

World is so diversify and human being ‘s brain is so big to find so many rules to calculate the salary .

It is impossible to find the standard way to validate the master data and payroll result .

So SAP give you the stage to show your power , you can implement the check rule by yourself ,  and PCC can take care of other “none important” part .

Let’s see what does the check do and how to implement it .

I want to find the pernrs who ‘s salary is increased 100% compare to last month .

check come:

     1.  check execute the rules

     2.  check write the exception pernrs into some place

     3.  you can find these error pernr in payroll **** pit web page .

Who can invoke the check ?

    It’s up to you !

    It can be run by a given job , or it can assign to a step (PCC’s payroll step).

How to implement it

   It is very easy :

      First I assume you know what is DATA SOURCE TYPE ( It need a long article to describe it ).< If you do not know , you can just following the sample >

     Check is a kind of data source type .

       1. you can create a  class extends the class : CL_PYD_CHECK_BASE

       2. implement the IF_PYD_TY_RT~EXECUTE of your class

             A sample with no meaning :


METHOD if_pyd_ty_rt~execute.


       lv_abkrs  TYPE                   abkrs,

       ls_par    TYPE                   if_pyd_fnd_types=>ty_s_resp,

       lt_pernr  TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF pernr_d WITH NON-UNIQUE KEY table_line,

       lv_pernr  TYPE                   pernr_d,

       ls_result TYPE                   ty_s_result.

     READ TABLE it_par INTO ls_par INDEX 1.

     IF sysubrc <> 0.

       RAISE EXCEPTION TYPE cx_pyd_fnd.


     lv_abkrs = ls_parlow.

     SELECT it1~pernr INTO TABLE lt_pernr

       FROM t52mcw AS mcw

         INNER JOIN pa0001 AS it1 ON mcw~pernr = it1~pernr

         INNER JOIN t549a ON t549a~abkrs = it1~abkrs

         INNER JOIN t549q ON t549a~permo = t549q~permo

         INNER JOIN t569v ON t569v~abkrs = it1~abkrs

       WHERE it1~abkrs = lv_abkrs

         AND mcw~koabr = ‘X’

         AND it1~begda <= t549q~endda

         AND it1~endda >= t549q~begda

         AND t549q~pabrp = t569v~pabrp

         AND t549q~pabrj = t569v~pabrj

         AND t569v~vwsaz = ’01’.

     ls_resultpar_type = ‘PERNR’.

     LOOP AT lt_pernr INTO lv_pernr.

       ls_resultid = lv_pernr.

       INSERT ls_result INTO TABLE rt_result.



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