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`Discount and Free goods on Customer Group with Pricing Condition

Dear All,

Blog is just to explain how we have  implemented Discount and Free goods on Customer Group  with Pricing Condition

Business Scenario

This was one of our client requirements who are into FMCG business and company wanted to give Discount and Free Goods on following Levels

    A.Group 1 ASM Area Sales Manager one who handling entire State-State Level -Customer Group 1

    B.Group 2 TSM Territory Sales Manager one who Handling 2 or 3 district- Multiple Districts/zone Level-Customer Group 2

    C.Group 3 TSE Territory Sales Executive one who handles single District-District/City Level-Customer Group 3

    D.Group 4 Modern Trades like Reliance fresh, Lulu, More, Big Bazaar, Spencer’s etc. – Customer Group 4



We are maintaining 3 Distribution Channels

10 Direct Channels

20 Distribution Channel

30 Modern Trade (Reliance Fresh, More,Lulu, Big Bazar etc….

Now into Requirements Let’s says

1.The company wants to give a discount to Chennai alone.

2.The company wants to give discounts in 3 Districts alone.

3.The company wants to run a sales promotion campaign for particular TSM or TSE Alone to boost his business.

4.The company wants to give Free goods on Particular TSM or TSE Alone

5.The company wants to give a discount on particular material group in ASM, TSM and TSE level.

                                                                                        Configuration Settings

1.Customer Group

SPRO-Sales and Distribution-Master Data-Business Partner –Customers-Maintain Reserve Fields In Customer Master

customer GRP.png

Customer Group 1 at State Level

customer GRP.png

Customer Group 2 at District(Multiple Districts/zone)  Level

  customer GRP.png

Customer Group  3 at  District/city  Level

customer GRP.png

Plz note  that  since Chennai is big  territory so I am dividing Chennai into two i.e. Chennai 1 and Chennai 2.

                                                                                                    Customer Group 4 Modern Trade

customer GRP.png

2.Customer Master Data

Got to customer master data  under Sales area  tab above menu Bar Extras click on  additional Data

Fill all relevant data according to your requirements. Plz note that  Customer Group is 4 not applicable, since this customer is belongs to Direct Channel in  my case it is applicable only for Distribution channel  3 i.e. Modern Trade.

customer GRP.png

3. Pricing Configuration Part

Got to Pricing, pricing control Field catalog

Customer Groups fields are not added in the Field Catalog so add  the field catalog

customer GRP.png

Before you create a new condition table, you should check whether the fields listed in the field catalog meet your requirements. If you require a field in pricing which is not intended for this usage in the standard system, you must enter it in the field catalog. You can only enter fields from tables KOMG, KOMK or KOMP.

If you want to use a new field in the field catalog, you must add the field to KOMP or KOMK in the following INCLUDES:

                                                              Header data in INCLUDE KOMKAZ in KOMK

                                                              Item data in INCLUDE KOMPAZ in KOMP

The routines for assigning values to the new fields in order processing are found in member MV45AFZZ and new fields in billing are found in member RV60AFZZ. Use the following user exits:

                                                        USEREXIT_PRICING_PREPARE_TKOMK (header fields)

                                                        USEREXIT_PRICING_PREPARE_TKOMP (item fields)

                                                User Exit For Discount and Free Goods



Condition Tables

customer GRP.png

customer GRP.png

                                                                                                        Access sequence

Copied Standard Access Sequence and created new Access sequence call IFPR

customer GRP.png

Condition Types

Copied Standard Condition type and created new Condition Type call IFPR

customer GRP.png

Pricing Procedure

customer GRP.png

Creating a Discount for TSM Level in VK 11

We have different Material Group, for Example PK-Lime Pickle, SP-Chilli Powder, and WS-Kashmiri chilli so we can give discount on Particular group alone for ASM, TSM and TSE level

customer GRP.png

Plz Map your customer according to your ASM, TSM and TSE located in different State, Zone and District. customer GRP.png

customer GRP.png

customer GRP.png

4. Free Goods  Configuration

Business Scenario

  1. The company wants to give Free goods on Particular ASM, TSM, TSE Zone and District level Alone

        Condition Table Group 1

customer GRP.png

customer GRP.png


Access Sequence

customer GRP.png

Condition Table

customer GRP.png

            Creating Free Goods records in VBN1

customer GRP.png

customer GRP.png

I am Nothing in this SAP Ocean  just learning day  by day , so please share your ideas and suggestions with me.Thanks in Advance.



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  • Hi Thomson

    This is really an appreciable blog and you have shared this for letting us know that how flexible is the condition technique system in SAP SD. We can use this document as in inspirational idea for many others issues. We can modify this technique as per our own requirement for discounts, free goods, prices or for material determination etc wherever condition technique is applicable.

    This is nice effort and keep up the good work and share your knowledge with others.


  • Hi Thomson,

    The hard work you put into this document is very evident and hats off to you.

    The idea to use the customer group as a differentiator for different sales levels (Area, territory, district etc..) is the key to this solution. A requirement which would look a tough one, has been solved very easily by using the condition techniques.

    Thanks for sharing this, fantastic reference document



    • Hi Jobi,

      Thank you for your kind words

      Indeed, this was little complicated when we heard the requirement from the client during the initial  talk. We  happened to see this customer group in customer master data menu bar under the sales area tab. Then we explored  more  on this and finally got the solution.



  • Hi Thomson,

    Thanks for sharing such a nice document. Now I am confident to handle such scenario's.

    Please keep sharing....

    Thanks & Regards,

    Nilesh Pawar

  • Hi Thomson,

    Thanks for posting this real time scenario with document. I am new to sap with just 3 years of experience with no domain experience. With these postings i am confident now to learn and handle such scenario's

    Thanks and Regards,

    Kiran gs

  • Nice Document Mr. Thomson. Such a Great Document on condition Technique. You rdid perfect configuration for your business scenario for client. I am very thank full to you for sharing your knowledge for us. Keep doing like this for great help to others.

    thank you


    • Thank you Srikanth, sure I will share my little knowledge in SCN because this community, helping us in great way not only we learn from here we also share our knowledge so that others also get benefited. 🙂



    • Hi Pradeep,

      Thanks for your comment. The small concern you're raised in your reply I have updated on my blog, kindly check, that part I really not addressed. Thanks for reminding me.



  • Thomson,

    Great effort! Thanks! You have touched upon several different points, this will be beneficial.

    One question - What is the reason behind arranging the condition tables in this particular sequence in IFPR? You have first district and then zone and then lastly (at the bottom) state? And what are % discounts given for each level, for a material, as an example.


    • Dear TW,

      Thanks for your comment and appreciation it is really happy to see your comments people like you Moazzam,Lakshmipathi,JP and rest all great people always helpful to this great community thanks to all now coming to your question.

      We are arranged Access sequence specific to General rule

      My case as you indicated

      1.District -Group 3

      2. Multiple Districts/zone) -Group 2

      3.State - Group 1

      ASM level material Discount 4% State/Country (USA)

      TSM level material Discount 5% Multiple Districts /Zone (Chicago, California)

      TSE Level Material Discount 6% single District (Chicago)

      For example, If i have maintained condition records for TSM Level (Chicago and California), 5% and 6% for TSE in Chicago in this scenario I want system should pick only TSE level Record Discount 6%.

      Looking forward your valuable suggestion and ideas