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Difference in Valuation Data in MM03 from MBEW

The accounting tab of MM03 transaction displays all the valuation data of the material. All this data is fetched from MBEW table. For some materials there will be difference in the values displayed in MM03 and MBEW depending on sales area. Moving Average Price (VERPR), Standard Price (STPRS), Moving Average price of previous year (VJVER), Moving Average Price of previous period (VMVER ), Standard price of Previous period (VMSTP) and previous year (VJSTP ) are the fields for which we could find the difference in database values and MM03.

Any currency field in MBEW have the potential to generate the issue. Their values in database will be different from the values in MM03. This is because of the currency conversion which takes place before the values are displayed to the user. The currency conversion will takes place based on the values in MM03. The possible decimals places for each currency will be configured in TCRUX table.

TCURX is a standard SAP table that is used to support translation of currency values from/to internal (e.g. stored in a table) to/from external (e.g. displayed in user screen) values.  Standard SAP stores all values with two digits to the right of the decimal (looking like cents) so the table helps SAP to interpret the values when moving between internal and external processing.

The valuation data is converted from internal to external based on the configuration maintained in TCRUX table. SAP data associated with the referenced material is retrieved from SAP tables and displayed. This data is update to the database while creating an new material and below function modules are triggered in this process.


          This funciton module is triggered to save the material data to the database. Function module CURRENCY_AMOUNT_BAPI_TO_SAP is called in the           subroutine Save_MBEW_DATA for currency conversions.


          This function module is called to convert valuation fields data from the screen to SAP tables. For example the table value is 12.34 CLP, have a value of           1234 CLP or 12.34 CLP in the screen.


          This function module can be called to convert the screen values to table values, i.e., with this the screen values and the SAP table values will be same.           However this can cause some inconsistency if the same material is part of multiple sales areas, which may use different currencies.

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      Pramod Repaka

      Hey Kethan,

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