Hi Folks. Are you bored of working with the classic eclipse look and feel? Do you want to customize look and feel of your Hana studio? In this blog I will be explaining how to theme Hana studio.

Since HANA Studio is an eclipse based tool, we can make use of available eclipse themes. I will be showing how to theme HANA Studio with Eclipse Luna.

Step 1: Install Eclipse Market place.

1) Help->Install New Software..

2) Click on Add. Provide name as mpc and location as http://download.eclipse.org/mpc/luna/ . Then click OK

3) Check EPP Marketplace Client->next. Agree  and Install.


Step 2: Open Eclipse Marketplace

1) Help-> Eclipse Marketplace

2) Search for the below provided themes and install.

  • Eclipse Moonrise UI Theme
  • Jeeyul’s Eclipse Themes
  • Eclipse Color Theme
  • Color IDE Pack

Note: Color IDE Pack is to theme the editors.


Step 3: Restart HANA Studio

Step 4: Apply the theme.

1) Go to Window->Preferences->General->Appearance

2) Select the desired theme and Apply.


Step 5: Coloring the Editor

1) Expand Appearance by clicking on it.

2) Select Color Theme

3) From the selection window choose the desired editor theme.


Note: If you are using Luna Version then you will have a choice of choosing between Dark and Light themes without installing any custom themes.

Cheers 🙂 ,


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