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Comfort your eyes with custom themes…

Hi Folks. Are you bored of working with the classic eclipse look and feel? Do you want to customize look and feel of your Hana studio? In this blog I will be explaining how to theme Hana studio.

Since HANA Studio is an eclipse based tool, we can make use of available eclipse themes. I will be showing how to theme HANA Studio with Eclipse Luna.

Step 1: Install Eclipse Market place.

1) Help->Install New Software..

2) Click on Add. Provide name as mpc and location as . Then click OK

3) Check EPP Marketplace Client->next. Agree  and Install.


Step 2: Open Eclipse Marketplace

1) Help-> Eclipse Marketplace

2) Search for the below provided themes and install.

  • Eclipse Moonrise UI Theme
  • Jeeyul’s Eclipse Themes
  • Eclipse Color Theme
  • Color IDE Pack

Note: Color IDE Pack is to theme the editors.


Step 3: Restart HANA Studio

Step 4: Apply the theme.

1) Go to Window->Preferences->General->Appearance

2) Select the desired theme and Apply.


Step 5: Coloring the Editor

1) Expand Appearance by clicking on it.

2) Select Color Theme

3) From the selection window choose the desired editor theme.


Note: If you are using Luna Version then you will have a choice of choosing between Dark and Light themes without installing any custom themes.

Cheers 🙂 ,


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      Author's profile photo Hugo Wijns
      Hugo Wijns

      Hello, I found this blog and was wondering if it is possible in Eclipse (like in SAPGUI) to change you theme/color depending on the ABAP systemID that you are connected to (from within Eclipse). Typically, there is one development client and one (or more) customizing, ... client in a development system. It would be nice to see 'somehow' in Eclipse that you are working in the development client of the development system and not in the customizing client. In SAP gui you can set this in the left under box of the screen + you can set a different color when being logged on to another ABAP system (QA, Test or production). In the eclipse window -> Preferences, I can define to see the system ID (or not, before or after the object name) in the editor tab but nowhere the client ? Nor do I find an option to set a different theme/color when I am logged on to another SAP system (QA, Test, ...production). Or did I overlooked this ?