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Blog it Forward – Alessandro Banzer

Hello SCN,

I was blogged forward by Colleen (read her BIF here Blog It Forward – Colleen Lee) and it is my pleasure to accept this challenge and share my own BIF with you.

You can find more information about this challenge in Blog It Forward Community Challenge. If you would like to join the challenge, but you have not yet been tagged by anyone, list your details here for an invite: Blog It Forward (BIF) Chain

My name is Alessandro Banzer, I am 27 years old and was born and raised in Triesen, Liechtenstein. Currently I live as weekly resident in Winterthur and travelling back home on weekends to see my family, friends and relatives. I am SAP Security Consultant focusing on SAP GRC and working for Xiting AG in Zuerich, Switzerland. Beside my job I am part-time studying Business Information Technology in Zuerich to keep myself busy. 😆

I have just recently been recognized as Topic Leader in Governance, Risk and Compliance (SAP GRC) and as Member of the Month October 2014 (Alessandro Banzer – SCN Member of the Month October 2014) and maybe you have already heard about me. Anyways, let me share some more details to give you an impression who I am in real life (and yes I have a real life 😉 ).

What else do you have to know about me?`

First of all I am dive addicted! Seriously… diving (and travelling) is my biggest passion and became very important to me. During the last years I have continuously developed my diving skills from Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver to Divemaster. Last year in October I continued the courses and became Open Water Instructor, Medical First Aid Instructor and Nitrox Instructor. I call myself still a beginner even though I have more than 350 logged dives. With each dive and each student I teach I can improve my own skills and the quality and ability of teaching. The funny fact is that I have never dived back home (in Liechtenstein/Switzerland) as I am a fair-weather diver. Diving in a Dry Suit and not getting wet isn’t real diving and hence I don’t dive here as the water is too cold. 😛

A selfie while night diving around Boracay Island:


Worlds famous Apo Reef, Philippines, with my cousin on the left and a friend on the right:


My favorite beach (Punta Bunga Beach) as well as one of the best dive spots (Yapak 2, Boracay Island, Philippines) in the world:


The lovely beach turns into a postcard during sunset:


In the last couple of years I have mainly been to Asia and spent several months in Singapore, China, India and the Philippines. I call Boracay Island my second home and have already been there a couple of times. The next trip is planned for end of this year as I am going to be the best man for a friend who moved to Boracay a couple of years ago.

My personal travel map:

2015-03-04 23_05_58-Alessandro's Countries Visited Map - TravBuddy.png

Beside travelling and diving I actively play billiard in Austria and have participated at World- and European championships. In 2009 my team won the first division in Vorarlberg and advanced as first team from Liechtenstein to the Austrian Bundesliga. In the four subsequent years we were very successful and always finished in the top 5. In 2010, our first appearance, we finished 3rd and won the bronze medal. A huge achievement for the foreign newbies from Liechtenstein. Due to my job, studies and other hobbies I have reduced the effort and stopped playing Bundesliga. Together with very good friends we still play in the first division in Vorarlberg and fight for medals.

Me after winning the national championships in 2014:


A while ago Pedro Freitas posted a map in his BIF that compares Brazil with the United States, India and Europe. As I am living in the 16 tiniest country I would like to share my map as well. Liechtenstein is a principality in central Europe bordered by Switzerland and Austria. Our area is just over 160 square kilometers and we have a population of 37’000. Liechtenstein entirely lies in the Alps and is famous for hiking and skiing in the winter. Especially during summer time I love to go for a hike on weekends and enjoy the fresh clean air and the stunning view with all the mountains in the background.

Impressive view from Hoher Kasten in 2014 (behind the river you can see part of Liechtenstein):


Back to the world map. The funny thing though, was, that I had to contact the owner of MapFight as Liechtenstein wasn’t selectable in the dropdown 😉 sent him a short email and he replied with a sorry and I could finally compare Liechtenstein with the rest of the world.

Compared with Brazil I would say that we are “small”.. can you spot it?


Compared with Germany.. still small but at least there is a shadow…


Our neighbors (we are bordered by Switzerland and Austria):


Okay – that’s unfair. Really! Let’s  finally compare with Monaco which is also a principality.


Yeah – we are huge! 😆

Colleen has asked me to complete the sentence “My SCN is…”.  SCN for me means actively contribute with other specialists and putting our heads together to find the best possible solution. Also SCN helped me to grow within my expertise and to build up a good network. As SCN Moderator in the GRC space I am actively following the space and hence I am online as often as I can.

I would like to invite some of my friends from the GRC space to share their BIF with us:

Madhu Babu

Dilip Jaiswal 

Harinam SanKirtan

Ameet kumar

Baithi Srinivas

I would like to ask you to share your personal goals you wanted to achieve in SCN until end of 2015? (attacking me on the 12-month leaderboard doesn’t count 😎 😉 ).

I  really hope you enjoyed reading my BIF and whenever you are near by drop me a message to meet up for a drink 😉



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