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My experience of the ESA App Camp 2015

The Arrival – 25.02

We started our trip to Barcelona to the ESA APP Camp 2015 to meet the six teams that had been nominated and invited to the ESA App Camp sponsored by SAP  (after an Appathon weekend on 24 – 25 Jan 2015) to work on their apps and compete for the grand prize presented at the Mobile World Congress 2015.

After a short trip from Walldorf to Barcelona we (the SAP Team) arrived at the Barcelo Sants Hotel in Barcelona where the ESA App Camp would take place. Even when entering the building it was obvious that the space design of the hotel’s interior perfectly fit the event – we arrived in space 😉

hotel space_small.jpg
After some preparations we made our way to the Vincci Hotel to have our welcome dinner and come together with the AZO, which organized the event, and all participants of the ESA App Camp. Dr Thomas Beer from European Space Agency (ESA), as well as Daniel von Dungen from SAP and Lara Schaflinger from AZO welcomed all participants.

evening dinner-Small.png

Young excited people from different countries together to code in space…..that’s a great start for a 5 days adventure story!

DAY 1 – 26.02

Good morning, Barcelona!

The participants arrived to kick off the ESA APP Camp. After each group presented their ideas to the ESA, AZO and SAP experts, they started to work on their projects. The concepts had been all very promising. Really thought out ideas – different  ways to enrich apps with data from space and the power of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

And then…work work work

work work_1.png

And eat 😉


DAY 2 – 27.02

Back to work…..

Some of the participants even worked the whole night to transform their idea into the winning app.


With the support of SAP experts the participants developed their ideas. During the whole process the participants got the chance to experience and rely on the expertise of the HANA Cloud Platform. The experts replied to all different kind of questions, not only how to use HANA spatial functionalities but also how

to analyze earth observation data.

with support of experts-1.png

DAY 3 – 28.02

What is different than the day before? A lot….

First: The sun is shining bright 🙂


Second difference:  ”The less time is left, the clearer it gets. It’s the final stretch”, the participants from the Finish team said. It was very silent in the room.

People were absolutely concentrated. Only a few hours left to create the winning app.

DAY 4 – 01.03

3 days packed with hard work behind us. The tension increased dramatically.

last day 1_klein.png

At 1 pm the team started to present their apps:

Team Portugal started with their solution “EcoFit”. An app that identifies potential sites for wind farms, solar parks, geothermal plants, etc. in a simple & fast way. Team UK presented their app with the name “FarmIQ”. It is an application which is running on HANA Cloud Platform harnessing the power of Earth observation data and agricultural big data to provide not only state-of-the-art crop monitoring but predictive monitoring that suggests field optimizations and identifies problems before they happen. A free tier offers “freemium” access to our services in exchange for in-situ data, whilst paying customers gain full, unrestricted access to our predictive monitoring functionality and high-quality commercial EO data.

Team Finland presented their app that provides information like when to fertilize, spray pesticides and harvest. It also delivers information about the growth of the crop and possible anomalies such as pests, drought or frost.

After a short break it was Germany’s turn. “Malevich” is a smart tool for solar market Data-Driven-Decision-Makers. Clever Solar Sales Mobile App powered by a mix of Earth Observation (EO) and business data analytics. The algorithm recognizes every new solar panel on Earth every 3 days. Another algorithm tracks and analyzes geo- and climate data + economic data in real-time. Makes forecasts, predictions and visualizes them in App.

Team Netherlands presented their application “Viridian Raven” An early warning system for detection of bark beetle outbreaks in forests in the form of a mobile app. This app is useful for Foresters, forest owners, forestry companies, national parks and research institutions.

Last but not least Italy presented their app with the name “Sampei”. This app enables precise localization of phytoplankton-rich areas as potential fishing zones.

Now it was the jury’s turn.




ESA App Camp Price went to Code Green from UK and SAP special price to Team Agrai from Finland.

Well done!

DAY 5 – 02.03

We arrived at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona. Not only the place of the announcement of the new Samsung MobilePhone,

but also of the winners of the ESA App Camp!!!

Bill McDermott, CEO from SAP, congratulated the happy winners. A big moment for all participants and of course the highlight of the 6days challenge.


bill1 klein.png
Afterwards all participants have been invited to discover and enjoy the Mobile World Congress. Furthermore the participants had the chance to do a Barcelona City Tour which followed by a very nice evening dinner.

A BIG THANK YOU to all participants. Not only the applications of the winning teams have the potential of becoming successful. SAP will stay in contact with the participants to support the further development of their great ideas.


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