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Day19-20-Yasar’s Sabbatical / I am Seeing a White Tunnel

Still a few days left for all of us here in Manila, but I felt like it was time to write something conclusive before we got engaged in last min catching up with tons of stuff!

No no, of course I am not dying, but I feel like I am seeing a potential post-SAP life for Hapinoy which is hopefully going to be filled with at least one change for the better. To us, knowing in confidence that we might have helped them with at least some new critical approaches for their success is priceless. I don’t want to be overly positive, but cautiously optimistic. I am a banking consultant after all, and I am always paranoiac about future, and risks I take in my life are heavily calculated risks. I cannot say I am a bring-it-on risk taker, but not a 100% risk aversive man either.

JUST CAN’T BELIEVE IT! –  We almost came to the end of Sabbatical. FRI is our last day! Somebody, I say SOMEBODY…. pinch me!


This team started the journey almost a month ago. We were absolutely thrilled to be allocated to HAPINOY project, which was one of the complicated cases as the domain was mobile money with everything being on digital platforms. I have talked about the project, but just to remind you of the challenge we have signed up for, it was to help Hapinoy establish a future proof mobile money platform to handle their growth ambitions for managing 1000s of SARI-SARI stores as part of their mobile agent network. Hapinoy, after all, is a mobile money agent network manager, and they have always been perfectly aware of the challenges in their game with the pursuit of a broader coverage of sari-sari stores.

Days were intense. Not just because of the work, but the life itself in Manila… was intense. I am not saying because of traffic, crowds… this is a soulful city and a stroll along the streets make you think. Made me think for sure, all the time. It doesn’t consume you, but it encompasses you with emotions that slap you in the face non-stop from different directions.

The traffic from Makati to Quzeon City to reach Loyola Heights / Varsity Hills had been an adventure in itself.


Loyola Heights / Varsity Hills in Quezon City was our 2nd Home after the Hotel


We would reach this peaceful place after a colorful joyride in taxi 🙂


Conversations, debates, process diagram drawing, field-visits to Sari Sari stores, etc… one followed the other.

Can you the see color in the below photo even if it is in black and white? If you can, you understand Philippines and its people, awesome people!

3-3-2015 9-16-03 PM.jpg

Or if you can see the soul in this chaotic CHINA TOWN in Manila?

3-3-2015 9-20-31 PM.jpg

You then feel Manila.

– / –

Feelings, home sickness at times and then the lovely kids of Manila in SOS Village…

3-3-2015 9-23-33 PM.jpg

Mixed emotions, but emotions all along the way!

– / –

I missed home to death… and I think I will miss Philippines too.

Its old bohemian restaurants in Intramuros.

3-3-2015 9-26-58 PM.jpg

The Architecture

3-3-2015 9-27-51 PM.jpg

The Churches

3-3-2015 9-29-46 PM.jpg

The Kids on the Walls 🙂

3-3-2015 9-30-18 PM.jpg

The Silhouette of the city

3-3-2015 9-30-50 PM.jpg

The food

3-3-2015 9-31-47 PM.jpg

The Boats

3-3-2015 9-32-33 PM.jpg

The Street Butcher Shops

3-3-2015 9-33-19 PM.jpg

The Melancholy in People’s Photos

3-3-2015 9-34-33 PM.jpg

The Museums and the Scent Inside

3-3-2015 9-26-27 PM.jpg

People’s Memorabilia

3-3-2015 9-35-00 PM.jpg

The Art in Underpasses

3-3-2015 9-36-02 PM.jpg

The Sea

3-3-2015 9-38-58 PM.jpg

The Modern Art

3-3-2015 9-37-38 PM.jpg

The Colors of Nature

3-3-2015 9-39-32 PM.jpg

Indeed, this journey was beyond what I have signed up for.

So much so, all will be missed.

I see the white tunnel for Hapinoy, which was our purpose to be here.

I see the white tunnel for myself as I am going back home to my wife, my kids, my home, my city, my bed and my life.

Thanking to everyone and everything that made this journey a soulful adventure.

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