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Step-by-Step procedure for embedding a broadcast button on a web template using Web Application Designer (WAD).


Information Broadcasting:

Information stored in various BI objects can be broadcasted to a variety of users using Information Broadcasting. Information broadcasting is integrated into SAP Business Explorer(BEx) and can be used to pre calculate queries, query views, Web templates, reports and workbooks and broadcast them by e-mail in various formats or send them to the portal.

Ways to create broadcast Settings:

There are two ways of creating broadcast settings. One way is by using BEx Tool like Query designer and second way is to create one using organization portal. Apart from these 2 common ways Web Application Designer, also commonly known as WAD provides for placing a Broadcast button on the web template so that the layout can be broadcasted to multiple users by a single click without creating a setting while still providing an interface to create one if desired.

This Document provides the detailed steps of how to embed a Broadcast Button on a web template.


Step-by-Step procedure for embedding a broadcast button on a web template using WAD.

1. Open Web Application Designer by going to Start -> All Programs -> Business Explorer -> Web Application Designer.

1. Open WAD from Start Up New.jpg  

2. Select the desired SAP system.

      2. Logon Screen.jpg

3. Enter your User Credentials to login into SAP system.

3. Enter Credentials.jpg

4. Open an existing Web Template in which you want to add a Broadcast Button or you can also create a new template and follow the remaining steps to create broadcast button.

4. Open Existing Template.jpg

5. Find the desired template by entering its technical name or description.

5. Find template.jpg

6. Insert a “Container Item” by dragging it from “Advanced” Web items and pasting it on the Layout tab.

7. Insert Container.jpg

7. Insert a “Container Layout Item” by dragging it from “Advanced” Web items and pasting it inside the Container item on the Layout tab.

8. Insert Container layout.jpg

8. Insert a “Button group Item” by dragging it from “Standard” Web items and pasting it inside the Container Layout item on the Layout tab.

9. Insert Button Group.jpg

9. Click on the “??Button” tab inside the Button Group Item properties to enter the Broadcast command on the button.

10. Click Button.jpg

10.  Determine the Caption and Quick Info of the button and select Action type “Command via Command Wizard [INSTRUCTION]” from the Action drilldown.

11. Button Name.jpg

11.  Now click on the command tab to set broadcast command on the button.

12. Click Command button.jpg

12.  Go to “All Commands” tab and select “Start Broadcaster [LAUNCH_BROADCASTER] from the “Commands for Web Templates”.

13. Select Broadcast Command.jpg


13.  Determine parameters for the Broadcast Command by selecting “Current Template” as BI Object from the drilldown and select “Broadcast e-mail [MAIL]” distribution type.

14. Select Data Binding.jpg

14.  Close all the dialog boxes and Save the web template.

15. Save Template.jpg

15.  Finally after the template is saved, execute the template.

16. Execute Template.jpg

16.  After clicking on Execute button, you will be navigated to a new web page. Enter your login credentials here and click on Logon button.

17. Enter Web Login Credentials.jpg

17.  Web Page opens up which displays the template data and you can see the Broadcast Button on the page. Click on “Broadcast” button to broadcast the web template.

18. Broadcast Button on template.jpg

18.  New Dialog box pops up. Select the output format for the web template which is to be broadcasted and click on Continue button.

19. Select mail format.jpg

19.  A new dialog box opens where you compose the mail and enter the mail recipients. Here, user has multiple options.

     19.1. He/ She can directly broadcast the template by clicking on the “Execute” button.

20. Compose Mail.jpg

     19.2 Click on “Continue” button to create broadcast setting and to schedule the e-mail to be sent periodically. Give the technical name and                  description to the new Broadcast setting and click on “Continue”.

Save IB setting.jpg

     19.3 Create a new Scheduling and click on “Schedule”.

Save Scheduling Setting.jpg

20.  User also has an option of calling the traditional broadcaster and create detailed and more comprehensive broadcast setting by following these steps-

     20.1. Click on the hyperlink “here” and user will be navigated to a new broadcast page.

Save IB Setting in broadcaster.jpg

     20.2 Here user can create the broadcast setting in a similar way as it is created using the “Web Template -> Publish -> BEx Broadcaster” on                the Web Application Developer Tool or by using the organization portal.

IB Setting details.jpg

Additional Information:

Some Useful Tables-

RSRD_SETTING                   : Contains Broadcasting Settings

RSRD_SETT_NODE_A        : Contains Attributes for Nodes from Broadcast Settings

RSRD_REGISTRATN           : Contains Registration of Settings to Events (Broadcasting)

SAP provides a standard function module(FM) to broadcast the reports just by fetching the name of the corresponding broadcast setting and executing the FM. This FM is RSRD_BROADCAST_BATCH.

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