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Firefox 36 successfully tested with NetWeaver

New features include:

For more details about the new changes, read the release notes for Firefox 36. It is available now to download from

Mozilla Firefox 36 RRC has been successfully tested with NetWeaver versions 7.40 SP10, 7.31 SP16, 7.30 SP13, 7.11 SP13, 7.02 SP17, 7.01 SP17 on operating systems Win 7 64-bit,  Win 7 32-bit,  Win 8-64 bit (desktop), Win 8-32 bit (desktop),Win 8.1 64-bit, Mac and Linux in the areas of PLS, WD-ABAP, WD-JAVA, NWBC, ACF, BI, UI5, FPM ,CRM Web UI, EP, Adobe, BPM and FLP on ABAP.

As usual, for further details and SAP restrictions see:

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  • Hi Andreas,

    do you have an idea when 7.31 SP16 will come? We cant find it on the scheduling list... May I ask you if you faced any problems on FF 36 and 7.31 SP14? Its a bit complicated for us, since this one is updating automatically and we have external customers, who we cant guide on disabling automatic updates for several reasons... Thank you again,

    best regards to Walldorf

  • Hi,

    We're facing a strange behavior with FF36 on NW740 SP09:

    In NWBC, Navigation to new windows just sets the browser session to a state where it does not react to anything. No clicks, not even F5 to refresh the tab. The only button that works is the NWBC logoff button, which then gives the message "JavaScript is required to use this site."
    Apparently, Firefox is not happy with the JavaScript in lightspeed.js?C8FC310EC960

    lightspeed js.png

    Has anybody had the same issue, and is there a solution for this apart from downgrading to FF35 or upgrading to NW 740 SP 10?



    lightspeed js.png
    • Ole, have you tested if this occurs on FF35 and 740 SP9? Due release notes of FF36 provided changes afftecing mainly HTTP2, so my assumption would be you will face it also on FF35.


      • Hi Lawrence,

        you are right, it also occurs on FF35. And 34. I haven't tested any further.

        Due to the automatic updates, it's hard to tell which version was the last working one for us. I usually use Chrome, which does not have any of these problems. I could ask my colleague, when it worked the last time for him, and whether I could have a look at his Firefox Update History.



    • Hello Ole,

      We would like to look into this.

      Could you please let us know the steps to reproduce this issue with FF36?

      Is this custom development?

      Is this a customer system?

      Thanks a lot



      • Hi Anila,

        this system is a partner system - All for One Steeb. We're developing a solution for our customers, so at least it's definitely not standard SAP development.

        I am not sure whether and how you can reproduce this. We created a PFCG role for use in NWBC. This is an FPM application with a Search and a list UIBB. From the result list, you can navigate to another FPM application. And this is where Firefox quits service.

        We have another system on SAP_BASIS 740 SP06, and that one works fine with Firefox. And it has the same statement  oSource.getAttribute("ct"), which seems to work fine.

        Does this help you in any way?

        Best regards


        • Hello Ole,

          I checked with the developers for Unified Rendering and NWBC.

          The information is not enough. They would need access to the system to investigate the issue further.

          Could you please open a Customer message on component BC-WD-UR.
          Please provide an open HTTP connection with steps to reproduce the issue.

          Please also let me know the message number once you have created this,

          Thanks a lot