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DTP error message RSKB257


You have an infocube based on a standard extractor.

But you get error message when DTP’s executed: Status ‘Processed with Errors’ error code RSKB257 without any more details.

A possible scenario:

1. Go to transaction RSDTP and enter DTP’s technical ID

Note the DTP’s Request ID (example 557.165)

2. Go to SM37 and enter field Job Name: BIDTPR_557165*

> Job name is started with BIDTPR_ then the Request ID (without dot separator) and put an * (asterisk) wildcard character after it.

Then enter field User Name: *

> User Name will be also an * (asterisk) wildcard character.

Only select Canceled job status below.

Delete the From and To dates from Job Start Condition area.

Click Execute.

3. Review job log.

You may find more lines like this and can double click on it:

22.01.2015 07:51:18 Enter rate TRY / EUR5 rate type M for 08.04.2011 in the system settings                             SG           105          E

Long description of the error message:

Enter rate TRY / EUR5 rate type M for 08.04.2011 in the system settings
Message no. SG105


For the conversion of an amount into another currency, an entry is missing in the currency conversion table.


Add the missing entry in the currency conversion table.

Execute function

You can then continue to process the commercial transaction.

Solution for this kind of issue:

With execution of the report RCURTEST in transaction SE38, you may check the missing exchange entries.

This issue may have happened after you have transfered the exchange rates to BW. Check if have you transfered the global settings also.

Please also check if the missing currency of the underlying company code caused this error.

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