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Q&A Session for ASUG Webcast: What’s New? Data Services and Information Steward SP4

Date:  Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Q:  For HANA SP08 & SP09 what are the Data Services SP/Patch we need to be on?


A:  The SAP note has all details on HANA patch/SP releases and the dependency with DS/IS releases. 


Q:  When can we expect to see SQL 2014 support? 2015?  What Support pack?

A:  SQL Server 2014 support is planed for DS 4.2 SP5 (the next SP, planned to be available early May). This would be source, target en repository support. 


Q:  DS designer is very “chatty” with the Repository DB. It also is PC memory hog, seems to download the entire repository to PC Memory. Is there any plans to change/fix this?

A:  Do you still see this in the latest releases ? (4.2) I’m aware of slow response times with “remote”  respositories, for that we recommend Citrix-like solutions so that you can keep the Designer close to the database. 


Q:  Can Data Services installed on Windows connect to Hadoop? If not, is this something that is on the DS roadmap?

A:  Most HADOOP clusters are runing on Linux, we also need DS on Linux in order to connect to the HDFS files. Having DS on Windows for HADOOP is not planned yet. ALways good to add/vote on IdeaPlace if this is important for you.



Q:  Thanks for the note. It says HANA SP9 P0 suppored by DS 4.2 SP4. Does that mean you need to upgrade your DS to that level or can a lower DS version still be compatible wwith HDB SP9 but maybe not new features?

A:  The combinations in the note is what we have tested and what is fully supported. Other combinations might work, but not guaranteed… 


Q:  Are there architecture differences between DS 4.2 SP1 and the current version (4.2 SP4)?

A:  NO, we don’t make archictecture changes in SP. For an architecture change we would wait for a new release like 4.3 or 5.0 (not planned). 


Q:  Is there a detailed roadmap doc? or opportunity to connect on feature requests (IS particularly)

A:  Data Services Roadmap (SMP logon) 

A:  Information Steward roadmap  


Q:  Does DS 4.2 SP4 support FTP outside for of the firewall?

A:  Available in SP5. 


Q:  Are the planned DS certifed SP for HANA on the road map?

A:  Every new HANA release is tested with Data Services 


Q:  Yes it has new ones, we want to plan ahead. If we plan to upgrade Hana, what shoulld we plan for DS

A:  You know DS releases – May SP5 November SP6 – next HANA version is SP10 in June – next Sp5 will support next HANA version 

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