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What’s New in SAP Lumira 1.23 (summary)

Hi Everyone

This is our second release of the year.  SAP Lumira 1.23 is on the way shortly. It primarily focuses on improving your first hour experience.  We also add Citrix support to make it easier for you to rollout Lumira Desktop to many users. We are working closely with several key customers on their Citrix deployment. If there are others out there, we would love to hear from you about your experience or questions you may have.

Here are key values of SAP Lumira 1.23, thanks to Jacob Stark for the catchy headline:

0. Opening.PNG

Feature highlights:

1. Summary.PNG

Start your journey of Lumira 1.23 with a fresh new look.

2. Home.PNG

What do you think?

You might have seen in the January revision of the road map on SMP that Lumira Desktop will be based on a new in-memory engine called “Velocity Engine”.  Yes, that is an old name. It will be called “In-Memory data engine” which is embedded in the product. This is the same engine that Lumira Server, for Teams (“Lumira Team Server”) is based on. The change applies to the 64-bit version only.  32-bit is still based on SAP IQ.  You will see a further communication on our future plan to de-invest in 32-bit. There was a heads up mid last year about this plan in this blog. In order to keep up with many great ideas from our customers, we have to start investing in the future technology and it comes with some tough decisions to de-invest in the old platform that could also compromise product performance.

3. In memory data engine.PNG

One of the immediate benefits of running in this In-Memory data engine is our ability to support multi-user environments more easily.  SAP IQ required a large amount of disk space assigned to each user profile, making it difficult to scale across many users.

4. Multi-user.PNG

We have also improved the way we handle application failure by enabling document recovery process. You can enable or disable this feature and set the recovery interval.

5. Document recovery.PNG

We have learned from your feedback that workflows that access external network in the corporate environment and the need to configure proxy set up were not intuitive to get you started on Lumira. In this release several improvements were made as explained in this slide:

6. proxy.PNG

Ok, I know you waited a while to format your currency, add scaling factor, and express other units of measure. Here is a flexible way to achieve it for all of those cases. Select a number dimension or measure, open Display Formatting.

7. Custom symbols.PNG

Internally we are improving our visualization component library (a.k.a “CVOM”) to make it more customizable and easier to build info charts from so that we can accelerate our progress on supporting more customization options and feature enhancements. A few of these improvements are delivered. More to come in the next few releases!

8. chart setting.PNG

For those of you who are using or planning to use SAP Fiori for Lumira Server, here are more ways you can easily group and create tiles from search results.
9. content category.PNG

Finally, among various user experience improvements, I thought I would highlight one on renaming dataset as there was a recent post on the SCN.  In the past you had to do this in the Share room. Now you can to it from the dataset name drop down in Prepare and Visualize rooms. Compose room is an exception because by this time there is tighter binding between the datasets and visualizations already. Thanks to the development team for squeezing quick wins in between big features you are working on 😆

10. rename dataset.PNG

This is all I have to say about Lumira 1.23 overview.  As usual there will be other posts and tutorials to introduce enhancements at more detailed level.

We are working on our next releases which include some nice capabilities that you have been waiting for. I will let the suspense build a little longer.

Looking forward to talking to you soon and hearing about your experience.



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          • Hi Sharon, so for 1.23 there is no change in the BW connector, correct ? Can you already say in what release the new BW connectivity is expected ?



          • For all the BW customers this is the must have feature. When I was in Teched in Berlin 2014 November, developers of Lumira were promising that the BW connectivity features similar that you have in Design Studio (Or webi, or Crystal or any other frontend tool) would be available in March 2015.

            It is now March 2015 and frankly I don't believe that SAP would deliver in three weeks all the missing features that we see now in Design Studio for Lumira.  So Iver's question is valid. When are we having the features we are desperately needing with Lumira ?

            Best regards


          • HI Iiro

            March is not the correct timeline.  However as we connected internally we can discuss in more detail.



          • Hi Sharon, is the enhanced BW connectivity you're referring to enabling the Prepare, Compose and Share tabs for BW sources?  Is there a timeline for this?

          • Jason - we had similar questions in an ASUG webcast this week, and this was SAP's response:

            Q:  Is there a plan to support Bex Query/BICS? Can we access BW data using an QLAP Relational universe now?

            A:  support for BW data acqisition using Bex Queries is planned for late Q2. Yes, you can use Relational UNX on BW  


            Q:  Will Lumira support BeX queries in BW?

            A:  Yes, planned for late Q2  

  • Hi, Sharon,

    Thank you for your notes about SAP Lumira 1.23. It's always nice to see how SAP Lumira rapidly evolves. The new In-Memory data engine looks very promising.

    Looking forward your other posts.

    Thank you,


    • Thanks Donatas for your encouragement as always!

      I am really excited about next few releases coming up. I will post more updates as soon as I can!


          • Thanks for being on top of it Donatas! I got a notification this morning around 8:20 AM as well.  Sorry for the slight delay. Enjoy!!

          • Hi, Sharon,

            Just downloaded and started to use. From the first impression the new In-Memory data engine looks great. I am very happy about it.

            By the way where can I find the new Redesigned Home Screen (same as in picture in your post above) - currently the Home page of SAP Lumira 1.23 displays the same old pre-SAP Lumira 1.23 version home page?



          • Hi Donatas

            The problem was related to the agency that hosts this new web-site.  This should work now. Can you please let me know if it's still an issue? It's working for me.

            Thank you.

          • Out of curiosity, what is your proxy setting set to in the Preference? The website is coming from a public web so I believe you have to be able to access the public website via proxy.

          • Hi Sharon - it is set to this - similar to the tutorial released yesterday for 1.23


            Is there something I need to change here?  Thank you for your help

          • Hi,

            Sharon, thank you for your feedback and hint. After your note I have opened Lumira but I still was able to see only an old page. Checked Network Preferences - Use System Proxy Settings was set. Then I have set No Proxy - after reopening Lumira the Home page have changed to the new one. Set back to Use System Proxy Settings - the Home page have changed to the old one 🙂 .

            Tammy, can you please check this on your side?

            Sharon, is it possible for you to check this behavior?

            Thank you in advance.

            Have a nice day.

            Best regards,


          • Hi Donatas

            Can you please see if cleaning cache via the following flag in the SAPLumira.ini file helps?



            Install drive:\Program Files >SAP Lumira > Desktop > SAPLumira.ini

            Thank you.

          • Sharon,

            Unfortunately, but for me the situation hasn't changed - after changing this parameter I am seeing an old page while Use System Proxy Setting is set.

            Thank you,


    • Hi Steve

      If you have not done already, please vote here: Get Lumira on the Mac : View Idea

      and if you are interested in receiving updates, please send your contact information and company name.  We will add you to the list.  We have not started formal communication yet but are preparing for one.

      I would like to know if you are waiting for Mac for yourself or you are representing a larger part of your business users who would like to use Lumira on MacOS.  If the latter, please, in your communication to me please let me know the size of user base.

      Thank you for your interest!


      • Yes, please add me to the list for updates. Email and other details are in my SCN profile (we're not allowed to post them here).

        Primarily I'm asking for myself. There are probably a handful of other Mac users in my organisation who would be interested in Lumira - not a significant number.



  • We're an SAP customer and we're just now reading up on Lumira and testing it out.  Are there any plans this year for making the visualizations more interactive?  Like adding capabilities like input controls that we have in Webi so that users can make choices and have filters applied?

  • All the new features 1.23 mentioned here are good but I did not hear any comments or new updates about Input controls or any updates on the story boards.

    Do you know anything added in 1.23 as we are currently limited to only checkbox and radio buttons for filters when you apply input controls on story boards.

      • HI Aaron

        Input controls are currently available in the Compose room for Board and Report layout types. We are working on adding them to Infographic layout type.

        Sethuraman, we are working on input control improvements - hoping to start releasing new enhancements soon. We will be planning for a webinar on road map update towards the end of April.

        Hope this helps.

  • Hi Sharon,

    I am trying to connect to BW server from Lumira by using the option File==> New==> Connect SAP Business warehouse.

    It prompted me Detail screen, I have entered all the required details like Sever, Client, User name,Password.

    But I could see the Connect button is disabled not allowing me to click on it.

    Is some thing I am missing here, do we need to apply any add on BW server to connect to Lumira.

  • Hi,

    All my data in "date" fields vanished after upgrading to 1.23 today morning.

    I already sent feedback via "Help/send your feedback" with log file attached for further debugging.

    Find snapshot from my previous version 1.21 on another system for the same .lums file.


    1.23 version post upgrade


  • Hey Folks!

    Quick call out to find out if you notice any performance difference in Lumira Desktop 1.23 and if more of you out there that deployed Lumira on Citrix!


  • In order to save your Storyboard/Infographics out to the BI plaltorm server so that they can be seen in Launchpad, is there an add-on that needs to be installed on the BI server?  Does anyone know where that is in the SMP?  A screenshot of where it is would be great!

  • Lums-files created in SAP Lumira Desktop 1.23 can be exported to SAP Lumira Edge (Team Server 1.0), but they can not be openend in SAP Lumira Edge (version is incompatible). In 1.22 this was no problem.

    Does SAP Lumira Edge also need an update once the desktop-version gets an update?

    • Hi,

      the initial shipment of Edge server 1.0 is restricted to Lumira Sp22 only at this time.  Yes, i do realise this can cause problems when the desktop solution is auto-updating...

      however, we are not expecting an update to Lumira Server for a little time yet, so you might want to hold off upgrading the desktops until we confirmation of the next shipment of Server Edge 1.x supporting Desktop SP2x (exact versioning still to be confirmed)



  • Hi Sharon,

    As mentioned in your post, Lumira Desktop 1.23 comes with in-memory engine to store the data instead of Sybase IQ that used to get installed with earlier releases. Can you please let me know how the data would be persisted when the client machine is rebooted? Or Lumira documents (.lums) will no longer have data after client machine reboot?

    Please shed some light on this.



  • Is there any information about the scheduled background jobs in Lumira Server 1.23?  We installed 1.23 and the scheduled background jobs have been running nearly every second which is generating a lot of activity logs, which in turn is filling up storage space.  According to note 2135965 it seems that the background jobs just offer an extra feature and having them not set to Active doesn't affect core Lumira Server functionality. Any advice on how to manage these services?  I've inserted a screenshot showing the log activity of one of the background jobs.  This is our first experience with Lumira server and we are trying to determine if this an expected behavior or if we have a bug/issue that needs to be reported. 


    We are running HANA v., v 302 of the UAL AFL, and Lumira Server 1.23.

    Any advice or comments are greatly appreciated!