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Hi all,

Just wanted to share this small blog with you.

You might, as i have done for a number of customers, have started an implementation for NWBC. But quickly finding out that the existing authorization roles that are currently assigned in the system is cluttering up the menus.

Obviously you have the solution to go into every single role in the system and mark the “Hide menu from NWBC” in the menu options.


However this will take a lot of time if we are talking about an existing implementation that has been running for a number of years.

So here is a small guide of a workaround.

There is another option on how to hide a role from NWBC, this is in the maintanence table VAGRATTS. Maintain the table in SM30 with the entries below

Role=Role name for each role that you want to filter from NWBC.

Attribute Type=MISC

Attribute Value=’NWBC.FilterRole = True’

This hides the role as well.

I have created an LSMW with a simple recording, that you can download from here

LSMW_VAGRATTS_NWBC.txt – Google Drive

You just need to put all the roles that you want to hide in a CSV file and voilá they are gone.

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  1. Thorsten Franz

    Excellent, Jakob. This is very useful knowledge and removes another obstacle in the typical NWBC evaluation project. 🙂



    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Simon,

      I agree that is a solution, however if your users are likely to have more than one “nwbc” role, they want present on the index page, then this might grow to be a bit difficult.


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