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BW-WHM* Released SAP Notes (February)

Hello Guys,

I only would share with you the BW-WHM* released notes for February:


Number Description Release on
BW-WHM-AWB 1600929 SAP BW powered by SAP HANA DB: Information 25.02.2015
BW-WHM-AWB 2121217 Remodeling tool for SPO is not working 17.02.2015
BW-WHM-AWB 2083701 Entering an Integer value in a key figure Integer type field in transaction RSI 13.02.2015
BW-WHM-AWB 2117741 Inclusion of ADSOs and HCPRs in data flow model 12.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA 2111541 Update 1 to Security Note 1965819 26.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-COPR 2122411 HCPR: CompositeProvider corrections for Release 7.40, part 12 27.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-COPR 2050557 No aggregation with 0REQUID in PartProvider before join in CompositeProvider 25.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-COPR 2111944 RSOHCPR/RSOADSO include adjustment 19.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-ICUB 2009574 Duplicate number range object in different InfoProvider 19.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-ICUB 1999013 RSRV – Initial Key Figure Units in Fact Tables test results in exception 12.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-ICUB 2125857 Cube writer: Termination when loading extraction from cube 12.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-ICUB 2062714 The figure for the year is more than 2500 10.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-ICUB 1946893 ORA-00060 Deadlock in Cube load 05.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-ICUB 2124904 An “Invalid BW namespace definition” message is displayed in application log du 03.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-IOBJ 2103263 Enhancement of structure BAPI InfoObject BAPI6108 fields with fields UOMCONV an 20.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-IOBJ 1984625 ABAP Dictionary errors during InfoObject activation with change to compounding 18.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-IOBJ 2069619 Function module RSD_IOBJ_MULTI_GET returns incorrect results if parameter I_REA 12.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-IOBJ 2111658 A system dump occurs when viewing the database table status of a unit type char 12.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-IOBJ 1827295 InfoObject with an attribute that has statistics created 06.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-IOBJ 2111737 Enhancement of InfoObject impact analysis with regard to local characteristics 06.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-IOBJ 2099865 Using RSA1 on InfoProvider is taking a long time 04.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-ISET 2050817 Using RSA3 may cause a system dump while trying to reference a missing navigati 12.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-MD 1918525 Performance optimization during text loading 13.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-MPRO 2082301 Executing RSUPGRCHECK may display inconsistent MultiProvider 24.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-ODS 2070577 (advanced) DataStore Object – availability in BW7.4 SP08 and SP09 19.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-ODS 2118329 LISTCUBE: ADSOs not displayed in input help 19.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-ODSV 2123371 Open ODS view: Error when opening using BW Modeling Tools if source object does 17.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-ODSV 2122710 Open ODS view: Impact deletes active version 06.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-ODSV 2123034 Open ODS view: Suboptimal query runtime after initial activation 06.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-ODSV 2123726 Open ODS view: SQL error with field of type “Client” 06.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-ODSV 2121708 Open ODS view: SQL errors for difficult data types 03.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-OHS 2046551 Open Hub with query as source 27.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-OHS 2065393 The old data is not deleted from DB with Deleting Data from Table when DB Conne 18.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-OHS 1980716 Description for Open Hub Destination is truncated from 60 to 30 characters. 09.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-OHS 2122189 SAP BW 7.40(SP11) Open Hub Destination can’t be activated 06.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-RMT 1944429 Remodeling – InfoObject remodeling is not supported 18.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-RMT 1966654 RSMRT: Corrections for SAP BW 7.40 SP5 02.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-SPO 2063607 DTP filter generation from SPO/reading data from RemoteCube doesn’t work 25.02.2015
BW-WHM-DBA-SPO 2079081 730SP13: Error Handler in the DTP template with source as SPO or MPRO is switch 24.02.2015
BW-WHM-DOC 2017437 Preliminary Version SAPBWNews BW 7.02 ABAP SP 17 06.02.2015
BW-WHM-DOC 1332017 Preliminary Version SAPBWNews BW 7.02 ABAP SP 01 04.02.2015
BW-WHM-DOC 1367863 SAPBWNews BW 7.02 ABAP SP 02 04.02.2015
BW-WHM-DOC 1800952 SAPBWNews BW 7.02 ABAP SP 14 04.02.2015
BW-WHM-DOC 1940530 SAPBWNews BW 7.02 ABAP SP 16 04.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST 769414 Support Package 23:Lock Manager log written in batch process 24.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST 2080574 Mass activation programs unintentionally load generated programs into main memo 18.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST 2116836 P34; WO DSO: Dump in FM RSM1_DELETE_WO_DSO_REQUESTS 06.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST 2123548 P35; RSSM_GET_TIME; APO: OPEN CURSOR is destroyed 06.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-ARC 1858550 Downport NLS IQ to BW 7.0X 11.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-DBC 1888353 DBC SAPLRSDS_ACCESS_FRONTEND termination due to neg. length 16.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-DBC 2119576 DB connect – error in RSDL after EHP6 update 06.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-DFG 2118610 P13; DFG: Data flow dumps or hangs 06.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-DS 2124619 730SP13: Activation of multi-segmented datasource inactivates transformation/DT 13.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-DS 1809892 Enable extraction from old versions of a DataSource 12.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-DTP 2119480 Fehler RSTRAN 840, Beratungshinweis 1851875 obsolete 26.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-DTP 2080701 P13: DTP: Access to active DTAs during import of DTPs 25.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-DTP 2116840 P35:WO-DSO:ACTIVE-Feld in RSBODSLOGSTATE zurück setzen 25.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-DTP 2125520 P14:MPRO:DTP:REDUCE:Performance bei vielen Mpro-Requests 24.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-DTP 1915498 P32; DTP: BDLS does not convert DTPH LOGSYS entries 23.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-DTP 2123709 P13:REDUCE:MPRO:LPOA:Zu alte Requests werden extrahiert 23.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-DTP 1943907 P33: DTP: Dump when executing DTP with expert mode simulation; data package 17.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-DTP 2118187 P13:MPRO:DTP:DTA löschen und Overflow der Mpro-Requests 13.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-DTP 2121282 P34; DTP; serial extraction with semantic group never ends 10.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-DTP 2124611 P35:DTP:WO-DSO:REQUDEL:Perf. beim Delta-Req. ermitteln 02.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-HAP 2067912 SAP HANA transformations and analysis processes: SAP Notes for SAP NetWeaver 74 25.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-HAP 2033679 SAP HANA transformations and analysis processes: SAP Notes for SAP NetWeaver 74 24.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-PC 2021473 Addition of process log to mail if the process is successful. 13.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-PC 1692199 Short Dump DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR / WRITE_ICFACT 11.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-RDA 2125240 RDA_RESET: Request is closed without execution of data transfer process (DTP) 19.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-SDL 2117128 P13:IPAK:3rd party selection fields do not disappear 11.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-TRF 2118057 BW 7.40 SP8/SP9/SP10: HANA Analysis Processes and HANA Transformations (Part 9) 27.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-TRF 1816350 731SP8:Syntax errors in routines or Assertion failed during activation of trans 26.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-TRF 2109129 SAP HANA Execution: Inserted value too large for column 25.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-TRF 2117312 Collection note HAPs & HANA-Transformations 24.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-TRF 2104509 SAP HANA Execution: SAP HANA analysis process does not exist 12.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-TRF 2125734 Program RSDG_TRFN_ACTIVATE sets incorrect transformations to inactive without r 06.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-TRF 2118892 SAP BW 7.40(SP11) Script changes not transported 05.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-TRF 2123327 SAP BW 7.40(SP11) Changes of InfoObject not taken into InfoSource of SPO 04.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-TRF 1995901 730SP12: Performance problem in opening Transformation in change mode 03.02.2015
BW-WHM-DST-TRF 2100247 730SP13: Performance problems in aggregation check in Transformations 03.02.2015
BW-WHM-MTD-CTS 2042927 Incorrect AIM execution: No repeated activation of successfully processed objec 17.02.2015
BW-WHM-MTD-CTS 2120719 RC = 12 during script-based Inhouse transport, error RSO 781 17.02.2015
BW-WHM-MTD-CTS 1978136 Error when deleting BPC objects 05.02.2015
BW-WHM-MTD-HMOD 2032830 External SAP HANA view: Inventory key figures (non-cumulative key figures) 24.02.2015
BW-WHM-MTD-HMOD 2121712 Improved troubleshooting during termination of authorization replication with e 18.02.2015
BW-WHM-TC-SCA 2111723 Password lost in task CL_RSO_UPDATE_BWMANDTRFC_HOST 23.02.2015
BW-WHM-TC-SCA 2124850 Class CL_RSO_DTP_ERROR_LOG_DELETE is missing from Housekeeping task list 09.02.2015

Best Regards,


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      Author's profile photo Nilesh Pathak
      Nilesh Pathak

      Hi Janaina,

      we are facing issue in aDSO activation in BW 7.5 SP0 and job is getting cancelled with below dump - any idea on this -if there is note available?


      Program- CL_RSDSO_DATA_TASK=========CP


      Thanks for support !

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Nilesh,

      From the described program CL_RSDSO_DATA_TASK, check if the bellow note can help you:

      2208093 - Advanced DSO: Manage API: Checks before activation and deletion of requests



      Author's profile photo Nilesh Pathak
      Nilesh Pathak

      Hi Janaina,

      I have done that on my BW 7.5 SP0 but no luck as other dependent note 2070577 is not relevant for my SP0 BW 7.5.

      Please advice .