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Every Day, A Cloudy And Networked Day

“Human behavior is changing. Digital behaviors permeate if not dominate our lives. As soon as we wake up, here comes the screen for the first digital moment of the day,” said Sondergaard of Gartner.


We recently talked about the new paradigms of the subscription economy.Today we would like to get our head into the cloud.

A day without cloud and without networks? Is that possible? Most likely it is but would take us some effort to keep our hands off the cloud for an entire day. We´re all using services that did not even exist 10 years ago. And we´re are increasingly relying on these services. Though from a supplier perspective it is important to understand which services are adopted and work well, which services do not create the expected value.

And all of these capabilities of our modern world – mobile apps, social and business networks, analytics are being powered by the Cloud…basically
everything comes as a service on our devices these days. Customers simply don´t want to think of a release or version anymore. Consumers simply want an App (or URL) and consume a service. Bug fixes? Just get a new App from the store and install it – without specific IT knowledge.

And the cloud provider´s point of view? Deliver innovations at an unprecedented pace to the end consumer. No barriers, no delay, stellar fast adoption (if the service creates value)

My Everyday Life In The Cloud

Zitat1.jpgLet us peep in the life of a tech-savvy business executive and see how much of cloud and networks is actually getting consumed each day. After reading this, if you find yourself in him; do not be surprised.

6.35 AM: Our man wakes up to his favorite play list from a cloud music streaming service and generates his first cloud and digital moment of the day.

6.45 – 7.40 AM: Coffee and a healthy breakfast, a brisk morning walk, tracked by the latest fitness gadget and loaded up into the web to share with others. So he gets a mobile dashboard of the activity and ability to validate cardio progress real-time anytime. And compete with his friends around the globe.

7.45 AM: Catching up on the news on his mobile. He flips through flipboard which shows the news and articles curated to his interest and personalized from what his friends are also reading. Social media is embedded already, emails are checked right afterwards.

8.20 AM: On way to office. Using the cloud, he made a smarter choice to park his car few miles away from his usual parking slot. Why? Because it helps him meeting his goal of walking at least 1.000 steps/day and safes him 45minutes queuing as displayed on his navigation system fed with latest news from the cloud.

He is not a creature of habit and does not take the same route to office every day. Rather he relies on Waze to take a different route every day. On the way he stops at the fuel station to refuel his car. Every time he has filled up the fuel, he instantly updates the fuel price on his mobile app. He is just doing his part – so that it is easier for others to quickly spot the most inexpensive fuel station on the way.

9.00 AM: At the office. Alert on this desktop reminds him that this is the last day for submitting the proposal for the next review. The reminder is triggered by the Enterprise Collaboration platform on the web.

12.27 PM: By Lunch time he has finished the solution proposal and also a self-review of the same. He quickly uploads the document on the project collaboration group and all the members of the team get thus informed. No more asynchrony communications or old versions.

12.30 – 1.30 PM: The only clouds he sees during this precious hour are in the sky while having lunch with his colleagues on the open terrace. Though he loves to track his calories on his App to compose a daily balance at the end of the day.

1.35 – 1.40 PM: He is an avid reader and an occasional blogger. Three days back he posted a blog and he is checking how many actually viewed, how many colleagues actually endorse his opinion (Likes), how many have a different point of view and if people would like to engage with comments on the topics.

1.40 – 2.30 PM: He gets into the company cab which drops him to the customer site where they have a design thinking workshop. He truly represents the face of today’s mobile workforce and efficiently utilizes this commuting time to fine tune a pricing scenario example he has built on a cloud tool, now finalizing it by using his iPad.

2.10 PM: He gets a quick alert from the shared cloud application from his wife that she has placed the order for the month’s grocery and he can check if he needs something in addition. He can check the shopping basket on his mobile device and quickly add that missing shaving kit. He checks out and

2.30 – 5.00 PM: Design thinking workshop at customer site. He opens the prepared document from his shared drive directly on his client’s laptop. He is also taking notes using an online tool for 1st drafts to later complete it seamlessly from his desk.

5.00 – 6.00 PM: Heading back to office. No surprise, it‘s a traffic jam again. He quickly opens the tutorial video for the online learning course. He likes this pretty much because it allows to study at own pace and the 15 minutes are well used. Thanks to the cloud, he can do his assignments anywhere anytime.

6.00 PM: Back Home. He quickly puts a glance at his phone and gets a notification that one of his colleague from quality department posted a review feedback on the solution proposal. It seems the colleague points to him that he has missed to put the section for glossary as there are many acronyms used. No worries. He just opens his iPad and quickly updates the glossary in the document online. His colleagues living miles away can now refer to the updated version on their devices when they resume the work. So far, so cloudy!

7.25 – 8.45 PM: No more screens. Time reserved for dinner with dear family and chit chat.

8.50 PM: His wife asks him to seriously start planning for the first family vacation with their little son; which they are thinking about for so long. He opens his phone and hunts for the resort which is “kids friendly”. He then quickly checks for the rating and reviews for this resort on Trip Advisor. The in-app purchase makes it easy to quickly reserve the rooms. He is also connoisseur of food and does not miss to quickly as well find out the trending restaurants in the city where he and his family would be heading.

9.20 PM: He and his wife frequently watch movies streamed online after putting their sonto sleep. Mostly, they do not watch the fully movie in one go. On Demand is perfect, they can pause the show, then resume it again the next evening.

10.15 PM: Before hitting the bed, he flips onto the book on his e-reader, which he prefers in dark environments. Once again, thanks to the cloud the bookmarks are synched across all his devices and he can start reading from where left on the other device. With his e-reader, he learns more about his reading style. It lets him discover his prime reading times, average page turns, and latest reads from his friend and so much more!

10.45 PM: Good night. Sleep tight. Healthy sleep tracked by his monitoring device. Cloud is awake!



Surprisingly not, cloud is reiterating its presence without us recognizing if we are using it or not. Cloud and Networks are becoming fundamental to how we live and work. Cloud is kind of omnipresent today. Without conscious realization, we are also increasing our data foot print. Our private lives are conquered by cloud and usage measurement per se. This illustrates the prominence of the cloud that quietly made itself central to our life. It has embedded itself into the most banal facets of our routine life. And changed it in many ways already today.

But to make it beneficial, relevant and individual, it is important to measure consumption and behavior.

Do not miss our next post when we will interact with subject matter experts to explain the relevance and use cases in the enterprise context.

Let us know your thoughts…Bert Schulze (@BeSchulze ) and Himanshu Sewalkar (@HSewalkar).

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