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Hot off the presses, the brand new SAP HANA Developer Edition (SPS9 Revision 91) is now available for immediate consumption!

The new versions boasts all the powerful updates associated with the SPS9 release of SAP HANA as well as updated example applications, SHINE content and more!

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 2.17.10 PM.png

We’ve also brought back the 32GB instance as well as the 64GB.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 2.18.41 PM.png

Be sure to get your instance today on either AMAZON or Microsoft Azure.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 3.11.07 PM.png

To get your own system please follow this link.

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  1. Gregory Misiorek


    thank you for setting this up. i forgot what my system user password is (no, it’s not ‘manager’ any more), but the rest of AWS setup went without bigger problems, except maybe selecting a remote geography as it’s on the top of the region list.

    now checking the rest of the installation and some things look very familiar from the older versions, but there are some changes, too.



  2. Former Member

    HANA SPS9 Revision 91 up and running on AWS!

    Though I am still looking for the HANA Client Installer for WIndows 64-bit.

    I need to set up HANA as an ODBC data source on my dev machine.

    Is there a link where to download it?

    Thank you very much,


      1. Former Member

        Thank you for your reply,

        I will need a Service Marketplace login then, I’m not sure if we have one nor if the Developer edition of SAP HANA gives the possibility to have a Service Marketplace login.

        Will check it out.

        Thank you and Best Regards,


  3. Fabian Krüger

    Hi Craig,

    in this version I cannot make a backup:

    “Could not start Backup Wizard for ‘HDB <IP> 00’


    One or more services do not have the required status


    Following services do not have the required status

    statisticsserver on vhcalhdbdb”

    This is probably related to the fact that the statisticsserver is now embedded?

    Thanks for your help,


    EDIT: …or is it embedded? looks like there is no statisticsserver?

    • nameserver.ini -> [statisticsserver]->active=false
      1. Fabian Krüger

        Actually I was able to perform a backup:

        First thing i tried was enabling the embedded statistics server (nameserver.ini –> statisticsserver –> active = true). This did not work since there was no “old” statisticsserver.

        So i tried enabling the old statistics server in daemon.ini. The statisticsserver showed up in landscape but “Detail” was only “standby” but not “master”. I was also not able to query the tables in _SYS_STATISTICS schema. Also, backup was still not successful because of orphaned volume in topology.

        So i decided to remove the statistics server again. Simple setting instances to 0 in daemon.ini does not work because the server is stopped, but not removed.

        Based on this thread Stopping Scriptserver I did the following steps:

        select host from m_services where service_name = ‘statisticsserver’

        —  host: vhcalhdbdb

        select VOLUME_ID from m_volumes where service_name = ‘statisticsserver’

        — volume id 2

        ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION (‘daemon.ini’, ‘host’, ‘vhcalhdbdb’) UNSET (‘statisticsserver’,’instances’) WITH RECONFIGURE

        ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION (‘topology.ini’, ‘system’) UNSET (‘/host/vhcalhdbdb’, ‘statisticsserver’)  WITH RECONFIGURE

        ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION (‘topology.ini’, ‘system’) UNSET (‘/volumes’, ‘2’)  WITH RECONFIGURE

        After these commands, the statisticsserver was removed again AND I was able to perform a backup.

        1. Craig Cmehil Post author

          You will need to review all of your configuration settings now and adjust if you have reactivated or changed those settings – otherwise you may have fatal memory errors.

      2. Former Member

        Hi Craig,

        The embedding of the statistics server is nice. But why is the backup process broken if the statistics server is embedded. I would expect that the embedded server is handled with the name server backup.

        We are planing our upgrade from HANA ONE 85 to 90… So, how is the backup of the embedded statistics server handled in a productive environment.

        Thank you very much and Best,


        1. Craig Cmehil Post author

          The backup process should actually not be broken so there may be another issue with system configuration.

          The backup would normally actually result in a smaller backup.

  4. Former Member

    Hi Craig,

    Just to clarify, for those without full access to downloads on SAP Service MarketPlace (folks may have a work S logon but disabled for download), is the recommend install of HANA Studio a base Eclipse followed by software update, as per links below?

    Eclipse Base Install

    Followed by software update for HANA tools:

    SAP Development Tools for Eclipse

    Are the tools available via compatible with latest versions of HANA DB?

    Or is it preferable to download the HANA Studio package from HANA DB folder /hana/shared/HDB/ that comes with an AWS instance?  I note that there doesn’t seem to be an application or exe to launch?  Is this version 32 or 64 bit?

    Any preference/recommendation on above option to take, or they both achieve the same result after software update via tools.ondemand?

    Many thanks.

    1. Craig Cmehil Post author

      Recommended is the Eclipse and then the plugins. Also the embedded SAP HANA Web based Development Workbench is really great to work with as well.

      1. Gregory Misiorek

        what about it? it can be obtained through SMP and still has ‘things’ that are not available through Web IDE, but that difference is supposed to diminsh over time?



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