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Moving to S/4 HANA: More than a migration

S/4 HANA is announced early in FKOM 2015 in January followed by official announcement by Bill McDermott and hasso plattner. In 20 days many articles have been posted regarding what is S/4 HANA, what is new, what should be the migration strategy… For me best of those posted by John Appleby

SAP S/4HANA: What we must learn from SAP R/3: Part 1, History

SAP S/4HANA: What we must learn from SAP R/3: Part 2, Present & Future

Today we have performed the first S/4 HANA event in Turkey, customers were very much interested and excited about the transformation brought by S/4 HANA.  Murat Kaptan from SAP delivered a perfect S/4 HANA and Simple Finance introduction to the Turkey SAP Community. When I have seen the desire over the existing SAP customers to move to S/4 HANA, I have noticed and underlined that S/4 HANA triggered digital transformation should be performed under professional guidance. As John Appleby mentioned in detail, there are many actions should be taken preciously and immediately by all parties.

Technically migrating to S/4 HANA from anydb is not a big deal, once existing SAP ERP upgraded to EHP7, migrating to HANA is the easiest part. Job will be completed after activating SAP Accounting Powered by HANA add-on (this requires some efforts existing Financials documents should be checked and converted to new database which will be more simple)

However, this is not enough. To get the best outcome from S/4 HANA, total mindset should be changed. All processes and future plans should be handled and re-imagined by design thinking. Otherwise only platform will be change, very good initial results will be achieved (thanks to HANA), but expected real benefits will be fade away.

SAP and SAP partners (the ones who prepared and trained themselves) are ready for helping customers during this digital transformation). Sven Denecken led digital transformation efforts have to be digested and applied. In new course has just started and being lectured by Sven and Bert Schulze can be enrolled here : Digital Transformation and Its Impact – Sven Denecken and Bert Schulze

Finally please focus on the real benefit brought by S/4 HANA.



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