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Offer simplicity for your Fiori mobile users without sacrificing the security for your company!

Now with the latest support package (SP06) of SAP Single Sign-On 2.0 and with the latest version of SAP Fiori Client 1.5.0 (both released in October 2015), the native mobile SAP Fiori Client application is integrated and working out of the box with the SAP Authenticator application.

Mobile SSO solution is based on the Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) Algorithm of the open standard RFC 6238. This algorithm computes a one-time passcode from a shared secret key and a current time.

The server side of the TOTP implementation is an add-on module for SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) Java and it is part of the SAP Single Sign-On 2.0 product.

SAP Authenticator is the mobile application for the TOTP Client and it is available for iOS , Android and Windows platforms.

Once the solution is implemented, Fiori users will be able to use Fiori applications on their devices after a single click on the logon link in the SAP Fiori Client or with as single click on a bookmark in the SAP Authenticator application.



For more details about the solution, you can read the blog and the step-by-step guide:

Mobile Single Sign-On for SAP Fiori with SAP Authenticator

Mobile Single Sign-On for SAP Fiori – Step-by-Step Guide

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    1. Donka Dimitrova Post author

      Hello Nicolas,

      Our Mobile SSO for SAP Fiori is based on one-time passwords (OTP). These passwords are generated by the SAP Authenticator and this is the reason why our solution is working only with the SAP Authenticator mobile application. Now with the latest version SP06 of the SAP Single Sign-On 2.0 product there is an out-of-the-box integration with the latest SAP Fiori Client 1.5.0. You will be able to find the details in the recently updated by me blog here: Mobile Single Sign-On for SAP Fiori with SAP Authenticator


      Donka Dimitrova

  1. Former Member

    Hi Donka,

    I have one query related to SSO, our end use is facing one issue related to SSO.

    Issue is like :- when the end user is logged into the FIORI application with there credentials, after sometime he put his device on sleep mode.

    After 8 hours when the user is back and check the device/FIORI application he needs to put credentials back to login in FIORI application.

    It works good till 8 hours but after 8 hours of login it gets logged out if the user is in sleep mode or not using the application.

    Can you please let me know how can i either increase the time limit for the same or need to configure some other certificate for this issue.




    1. Former Member

      HI Siddharth,

      IF you have access to the SLAC url of SSO server, login and check the Secure login client settings and see it the period is set as 8 hours ( Check the Parameter – Grace period ) . Check the link below for better understanding of parameter and increase the time for extended the certification expiration.

      For more info one client setting and parameter please visit the link



      Shravan Adurukatla


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