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This document consists of configuration steps and an example which is related with  ‘define mail to purchasing when price variances occur’. For me , it is an beneficial implementation to control LIV price differences. The root of reason can be quantity variances and price variances. Also , MM experts have to configure setting of tolerances for incoming invoices. It is a related document in incoming invoices –>

Related oss notes :

301803 – MRM1: Mail to purchasing MLPP variable replacement

554029 – FAQ: SAPoffice – Forwarding/mail system group

552616 – FAQ: SAPoffice – Sending to external recipients

  MM Configuration Steps :

  Spro->MM->LIV->Incoming invoice->Define mail to purchasing when price variances occur


   This configuration step provides aoutomatically sending mail between purchasing&accounting departments.


   Activate based on company code :


   Procedures / Access sequences


   MR0002 procedure for MR1M Logistics invoice verification.



   What is the requirement 180 ?

   I explain this like belowed :

   Kobev is precondition. It is a control based on header level. In LV61B180 show that structure kompbmr has MLPP , result is successful.

  Kobed is This is a control on item level and it finally determines whether condition type or access is taken into account. This ABAP form has successful      everytime so sy-subrc = 0 🙂

   For more detail :

   Oss note : 156230 – Requirements: What is permitted, what is not?



   Output Types and Mail Concept :

   You can fill mail body in this step , you will get an example.


   You can use RBKP and RSEG table to create e-mail details. You can see an example in belowed.


   Partner : ME (Buyer) , Transmission Medium -> Simple Mail


   Condition record :

   You have to create condition records based on Company Code, Function Partner.


   Communication details :

   You have to create a dummy receipent.



   External mail tips :

   How can i redirect to mail to my e-mail address ?

  ‘Send to Home Addresses of Users’ (transaction SO16, register ‘Mail sy.grp‘). If you use this option SAP Office will redirect the mail to the e-mail address     maintained in the user settings. As a precondition to use this kind of automatic transfer you also have to maintain the standard communication method in the   user settings (INT E-Mail).


   How can i get ‘Confirmation of receipt’ with e-mail ?

   SCOT tcode will be beneficial follow this path –> Settings / Confirmation of Receipt


   Finally , buyer and someonelse can get this e-mail.


   Best regards.

   M.Ozgur Unal

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